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June 2015

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Americas OTT TV and Video Forecasts
Published by digital TV research in June 2015
North America already had 50.6 million SVOD homes [for movie and TV services only excluding sports] by end-2014 or 38.8% of TV households and 48.1% of fixed broadband homes, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. The Americas OTT TV & Video Forecast...(more)

Connected Cars and the Smart Home: Crossover Opportunities
Published by Parks Associates in June 2015
Growing adoption of smart home systems and technologies is coinciding with the increasing prevalence of connected consumer vehicles. Crossover solutions between these two ecosystems are emerging in the home security, home controls, entertainment, and energy sectors, amo...(more)

Global Cloud Mobile Music Services Market 2015-2019
Published by TechNavio in June 2015
About Global Cloud Mobile Music ServicesThe music industry is undergoing a digital revolution driven by cloud-based online music, where consumers can access music anytime from anywhere. The industry is moving from a la carte ownership model toward subscription and ad-su...(more)

The Changing Landscape of Operational Support Systems (OSS): Technologies, Solutions, and Organizational Impacts
Published by Mind Commerce in June 2015
Operational Support Systems (OSS) are the essential set of tools required for a Communications Service Provider (CSP) to design, deploy, monitor and maintain the content, networks and services that their customers pay to use. There are significant changes underway in th...(more)

Tech Support: Meeting IoT Demands
Published by Parks Associates in June 2015
This report highlights the impact of IoT on broadband households and the connected consumer, including the added complexities, increase in bandwidth demands, and new security and privacy concerns. It examines how technical support services, tools, and business models sh...(more)

Smart Watch: Extending the Mobile Experience
Published by Parks Associates in June 2015
This report examines the emergence of the smart watch as a mobile device complementing the smartphone and extending the mobile experience for consumers. It outlines the goals and strategies of various stakeholders in the mobile device and service ecosystems and how the ...(more)

Connected Car Services and Apps
Published by Parks Associates in June 2015
This research assesses the current adoption of connected car features as well as the consumer demand for such features, including billing preferences and new conceptual features. It presents results based on vehicle make in order to analyze differences in adoption and d...(more)

Global Mobile Money Services-2015
Published by WiseStrokes in June 2015
Extending the banking capabilities to the unbanked globally       This report provides an overview of the various mobile money services, the evolving ecosystem of player and service delivery chain. It includes an overview of the current mob...(more)

Telecom API Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecasts 2015 2025
Published by Global Wireless Research in June 2015
This report aims to provide comprehensive strategic analysis of the Telecom API market along with the market size and growth forecast for the period from 2015 to 2025.The report also provides a competitive landscape of the Telecom API market and identifies various busin...(more)

Zimbabwe telecoms market report 2015
Published by Analysys Mason in June 2015
This country report and accompanying data annex provide a comprehensive overview of Zimbabwe's telecoms market, including KPIs and data on subscribers, penetration, revenue and ARPU. The report analyses the strategies of major players in the country's fixed and mobile t...(more)

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