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Market Research Reports By Recency

March 2011

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China's Booming Call Center Market Opportunities in 2011 and Outlook to 2015
Published by Asia Pacific Research Group in March 2011
China's economic growth is having a profound impact on the breadth and depth of the domestic Call Center market. Growth in the number of Call Centers and number of agent positions seats in China is steadily increasing, and the revenue growth for technology vendors ...(more)

Global ‘cord-cutters’ to have only limited impact on pay TV
Published by Ovum (was Informa Telecoms and Media) in March 2011
\"With only 2% of the worldwide pay TV subscriber base cutting the cord by 2015, the significant impact on subscriber numbers anticipated in some quarters seems to be somewhat exaggerated.\" Adam Thomas, Media Research Manager Summary The second half of 2010 was domin...(more)

Global Biometric Forecast to 2012
Published by RNCOS in March 2011
Biometric market has been growing as one of the fastest emerging markets for the past few years especially due to rising need for personal security concerns, and the advent of new technologies that offered numerous future growth opportunities. Recent developments, large...(more)

Use of analogue versus digital television per room
Published by Telecom.paper in March 2011
This chart shows the use of analogue versus digital television per room for Dutch consumers. The first graph shows the percentage of the rooms in which a TV is present, the second graphs shows the division between analogue and digital TV for those rooms. In the question...(more)

Usage of roaming abroad
Published by Telecom.paper in March 2011
This chart shows whether Dutch consumers use mobile internet for on their mobile phone when abroad. This only concerns mobile internet that is paid for. Answer possibilities were "yes, as much as at home" "yes, but not too much""yes, but only wh...(more)

Healthcare and the Telecom Operator: A case study review
Published by Ovum (was Informa Telecoms and Media) in March 2011
Delivered in a new report format featuring a PowerPoint Executive Summary and a series of PDF files, each designed to provide you with business-critical intelligence. This report illustrates how nine telecom operators in mature and emerging economies are navigating org...(more)

Smartphone Markets and Technologies – 2nd Edition
Published by Berg Insight in March 2011
Smartphone Markets and Technologies is the second consecutive report from Berg Insight analysing the latest trends on the worldwide market for smartphone operating systems and handset technologies. This report in the NGT Research Series from Berg Insight provides you ...(more)

Mobile Search: Growth of Voice and Local Search Challenge the Dominance of Google
Published by Pyramid Research in March 2011
Web search has become the way to navigate the Internet and today supports a multibillion dollar industry dominated by Google. It is also the largest and fastest-growing segment of the digital advertising industry. The smartphone boom is creating increasing demand for mo...(more)

Booming Rural Mobile Market in India
Published by RNCOS in March 2011
Indian mobile market has witnessed continuous growth for the past few years. The country saw addition of around 192 Million subscribers in its mobile subscriber base during 2009-10, with penetration approaching saturation in urban India. With this, mobile operators in t...(more)

Global Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) Market
Published by TechNavio in March 2011
TechNavio�s analysts forecast that the Global Internet Protocol Address Management will reach $1.7 billion in 2014. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is an automatic IP allocation which reduces the complexity of the operation. The IP Address Ma...(more)

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