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Pyramid Research Predictions 2014

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March 2011

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Global Printed Electronics Market: Materials, Manufacturing Technologies, Applications & Trends
Published by marketsandmarkets in March 2011
Amongst all the printing techniques, screen printing commands the largest share owing to its wide deployment in the development of products like sensors, RFID, and displays. Printed displays form the largest application market; whereas printed photovoltaic (PV) form the...(more)

IPTV Pricing Trends 2011
Published by Telecom Pricing in March 2011
The growth of IPTV has been triggered by the growth of broadband subscriptions, higher transmission speeds, the increasing demand for new digital content, improved compression technologies, intensified competition through bundles and the subsequent use of the service as...(more)

Global Base Station Market Analysis & Forecast, 2010-2015, 7th edition
Published by EJL Wireless Research in March 2011
This report provides a comprehensive analysis for the global wireless base station market. In depth historical unit shipment data is provided for 2010 with a five year forecast from 2011-2015 also included.  Detailed base station unit shipment data by OEM is provid...(more)

Mobile VoIP: operators must re-evaluate their core portfolio
Published by Analysys Mason in March 2011
VoIP services have long been hyped as the single largest threat to traditional telco revenue. Now that the focus has switched to the mobile market, players such as fring, Google, Skype and Viber are forcing mobile operators to sit up and pay attention. The 'VoIP as emai...(more)

Mobile Application Ecosystem 2011-2016
Published by Visiongain in March 2011
The mobile application ecosystem is changing rapidly in 2011 - how will the market develop to 2016?Our market focused research shows that the mobile apps market is worth $3.9 billion in 2011. But how will the market evolve over the next five years? This report contains ...(more)

Next Generation OSS: Creating New Realities 2011-2016
Published by Visiongain in March 2011
Next generation OSS (Operation Support Subsystem) is not a standalone solution but is a tightly integrated set of sub functions that together allow operators to maintain and manage their networks effectively and efficiently. These subsystems in turn are integrated with ...(more)

Southern Africa Broadband Market
Published by Frost and Sullivan in March 2011
This research service analyses the broadband market in four countries in the southern Africa region. The study present the latest market trends by highlighting the infrastructure and technology changes that affect broadband services. It gives a detailed overview of the ...(more)

Strategic Analysis of the Impact of Smartphones and Apps on the European and North American Infotainment Market
Published by Frost and Sullivan in March 2011
This study focuses on the evolution of hybrid infotainment in the European and North American automotive market. In particular the study analyses the upcoming trend of smart phones and its penetration in the infotainment domain. This study describes the various automoti...(more)

Latin American Broadband Services Markets 2010
Published by Frost and Sullivan in March 2011
This study covers the state of the latin american broadband services markets, examining drivers and restraints for growth, pricing, distribution, technology, legislation, demand and geographical trends. Following from these, market growth for regional and market segment...(more)

Asia Pacific Satellite-based Earth Observation Market
Published by Frost and Sullivan in March 2011
The EO Market is poised for growth in the coming years with a larger number of players, advances in technology and a political environment that should improve with regards to data. In a nutshell, Earth Observation via satellite is supporting sustainable human activity o...(more)

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