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Understanding the Role of Managed Public Wi-Fi in Today's Smartphone User Experience A global analysis of smartphone usage trends across cellular and private and public Wi-Fi networks
Table of Contents:  The Context.....2  Analyzing existing sources of data on public Wi-Fi usage....2  Cutting to the chase.....4  Smartphone-originated traffic trends on managed pu...(more)

The future role of the Service Operations Center
Service Quality Management (SQM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) will be the highest operational priorities for CSPs in the next three years. The shift in emphasis from network quality to ser...(more)

LTE-network monetization: combining the data plane, signaling and user data
The mobile operator business is facing a tough economic environment, and in the face of the third wave of data services, operators are attempting to use their existing infrastructure and key strengths...(more)

Enterprise Verticals Activity Monitor: Top 30 Operators in Connected Healthcare
The healthcare sector is undergoing a transformation that puts communications technology at the center of more efficient, cost-effective and equitable means of delivery. Network operators see multiple...(more)

Successful LTE strategies - How to use LTE to build a compelling broadband strategy
There are already examples of best practice that have helped to underpin hugely successful LTE launches by operators in markets such as the US, Japan and South Korea. We have meticulously researched a...(more)

The Future of MVNOs - Strategies to succeed with MVNOs in Latin America
MVNO markets have gone through various stages of development in recent years. Since the first introduction of MVNOs in the 1990s and the second wave of proliferation in the mid-2000s, the number of pl...(more)

Framework: Telco Cloud Business Models
Communication service providers want to become cloud service providers, but successful execution depends on several variables. > Ovum identifies four primary go-to-market models: > Business Acce...(more)

A guide to Social Messaging for Mobile Operators: Strategies to remain relevant in the messaging eco-system
Social messaging is becoming more pervasive, and Ovum expects it to cannibalize up to $54bn of SMS revenues by 2016. Operators have therefore come under pressure to drive revenues from the non-voice p...(more)

Understanding today's smartphone user 4G LTE market An analysis of data-usage patterns in the world's most advanced 4G LTE markets
LTE has enjoyed the most successful launch of any mobile network technology in history. Networks and devices have been launched in higher volumes and in faster times than for any previous generation o...(more)

LTE TDD Year Book 2013
The momentum behind LTE-TDD and its emerging role in the mobile broadband landscape was boosted in 2012 and looks set to gather pace in 2013. FDD remains the foundation of most of today's commercial L...(more)

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