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La Poste Case Study
Cote d'Ivoire has an unusual new player on the mobile-money scene: postal service La Poste. And even more unusual is the first use to which La Poste's mobile-money service, M-Poste, is being put - man...(more)

Paving the way for full network virtualisation
The telecoms market is experiencing an evolution like no other: Voice revenues are eroding, Web-based and Over the Top (OTT) services are cannibalizing operators' own services while total profits in t...(more)

Optimizing the fiber business case G-PON interoperability and certification strategies for operators and vendors
Fiber-to-the premises (FTTP) is already the world's fastest-growing fixed-broadband segment and gigabit passive optical network (G-PON) technology is set to become its dominant architecture. But probl...(more)

Future for Mobile Networks Outlook 2015
This report provides four dedicated reports, focusing on security, 5G, VoLTE and network assurance in what we believe to be four of the pillars for the future mobile network. More than 400 industry pr...(more)

Next Generation Roaming: Service Evolution and Innovation: Opportunities and challenges for operators
As operators roll out and extend their LTE footprint, they are launching new services, including enhanced voice, video calling and enterprise telecoms services. These new data services bring additiona...(more)

Evolving Managed Services: From network efficiency to value creation
Telecoms managed services are evolving from a focus on network efficiencies (cost reduction and network quality) and operational excellence (managing complexity and time to market) to a new focus on v...(more)

LTE Roaming: Global Market Status And Drivers For Growth: Deployment plans, vendor choices and monetization strategies
The global mobile roaming market is at a crucial moment in its development, with a myriad of technological, strategic and regulatory forces re-shaping a market that is made even more dynamic by changi...(more)

Understanding today's smartphone user: Data-usage patterns in six of the world's most advanced 4G LTE markets - 2013
LTE is the future of the mobile industry, and in some leading markets it is also the present. The purpose of this research is to explore, quantify and interpret the behavior of smartphone users in the...(more)

Mobile SDN: The Future is Virtual
As data services continue to penetrate the mass market, mobile operators have found out that new, third parties have entered the market where they previously were the only service enabler. Operators a...(more)

International Wi-Fi Roaming Winning Strategies to Construct Wi-Fi/Cellular Data-Roaming Offers for Retail Subscribers
International Wi-Fi roaming refers to a service that extends Wi-Fi connectivity to users who travel to locations outside their domestic service's footprint and wish to use Wi-Fi hotspots as if at home...(more)

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