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Mobile Network Operator Approaches to M2M & Strategies for Ensuring Profitable Services
The machine-to-machine (M2M) market is founded on the value derived from operational efficiency. That efficiency is critical to the business model of all the members of the M2M value chain, from the e...(more)

Pyramid Research Predictions 2014
What penetration will 3G and LTE have at the end of 2014? What will be the fastest growing Pay-TV platforms? The sector mobile operators will be accelerating their penetration of...and the companies t...(more)

Portio Research's Mobile Factbook 2013
Contents:  Mobile Subscriber Base - 7  Worldwide Mobile Market - 7  Subscriber Base - Worldwide - 7  Regional Overview - 8  Half of 'the mobile world' is in Asia - 9  Sub...(more)

A guide to Social Messaging for Mobile Operators Strategies to remain relevant in the messaging eco-system
Social messaging is becoming more pervasive, and Ovum expects it to cannibalize up to $54bn of SMS revenues by 2016. Operators have therefore come under pressure to drive revenues from the non-voice p...(more)

How to reduce the cost of ownership of 4G/LTE networks: February 2014
This whitepaper will look at the key ways that a DC power system can save money for wireless carriers, including high efficiency, support for alternative energy, intelligent monitoring power density a...(more)

Identity as a Service: Bringing Your Individual Identities to Your Handset
Carriers have been facing an increasingly challenging environment in the Value-Added Services (VAS) marketplace, facing tremendous traffic growth, eroding service revenues, and growing competition fro...(more)

Security of ICT - the work of ETSI Sixth Edition - January 2014
ETSI, the leading ICT standards organization, has released its white paper on ICT security related standards, which describes the security-related work undertaken in each of ETSI's technology fields, ...(more)

The multifaceted world of MVNOs: Growth and challenges ahead
The whitepaper forecasts the mobile virtual operator (MVNO) market to reach 270 million subscriptions by the end of 2018, a significant increase on the MVNO subscription base of approximately 117 mill...(more)

Migrating IN services to form PCC+
There are many ways of characterising challenges currently facing CSPs, monetising mobile data services being the one most commonly quoted. It is probably more accurate to say, however, that the real ...(more)

XL: Operations Transformation through Managed Services
Creating values is the key to smart pipe operations, and Indonesian telco XL has embraced this next step in its transformation through a Managed Services (MS) partnership with Huawei. This is already ...(more)

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