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Smart TV Unleashed: Engagement through Cognition
This research paper provides a contextual review of the evolution of interactive TV (ITV). It examines the transformation the TV industry is experiencing as a result of rising Internet-connected devic...(more)

Operators' BSS Strategies: Turning BSS Agility into Business Agility
You will receive 10-pages of analysis, illustrated with 10 charts:  Table of Contents:  Chapters include:  Introduction ........03  Agility is linked to ability..... 04  The m...(more)

Africa Top 100 Mobile Network Operators 2Q 2014
Which African mobile network operators make up the Top 100 by by mobile subscribers in 2Q 2014?  Which operators are rising in in the rankings year-on-year - and which ones are falling?  And...(more)

LTE Industry Insight and Vendor Analysis
As consumers, employees and citizens, we have never before attached so much value to communications, to mobility and connectivity generally, and to entertainment services. An increase in awareness of ...(more)

Intelligent Media Optimization
You will receive 11-pages of analysis and charts:  Table of Contents:  Chapters include:  Summary ........01  The Current State of Content Optimization..... 02  - Where are MN...(more)

Prospering in a new MVNO hype cycle
Launching a new MVNO has never been easier, but prospering in the MVNO world has never been so challenging. MVNO markets are rapidly climbing the slope of the 'hype cycle', but 2014 could hold a letha...(more)

BSS in the Cloud
The BSS market has changed radically in recent years as the telecoms industry has adopted new technologies such as HSPA and, more recently, LTE. All-IP networks that have opened the way for more sophi...(more)

The changing nature of managed services in telecoms
The mobile market is becoming an increasingly challenging environment: Regulation, competition within and outside the established value chain, the appearance of new entrants and the fast-paced change ...(more)

The TDC and Huawei Managed Services Strategic Partnership
Typical of a mature market, Denmark's telecommunications market is characterized by the ubiquitous use of mobile services and devices. This means that the ability of incumbent operator TDC to differen...(more)

Smartphone use transforming with the rise of 4G and Wi-Fi
This discussion paper is the latest in a series on smartphone user trends published by Informa Telecoms & Media in partnership with Mobidia. The aim of this paper, in keeping with the five previou...(more)

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