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What is the optimum number of mobile operators in any given territory? More lessons from Africa
How will Virgin differentiate its offering in Saudi Arabia? Branson needs more than a one-off stunt to make his mark
When smartphone sales hit 1.2 billion units in 2017, where will the retailer be?
Daily OTT-messaging traffic to hit 41bn messages by end-2013; compared to 19.5 bn daily SMS
Research shows 49m active Hi-Definition TV homes to be added globally in 2013, giving a total of 228m
Of 360 million global HDTV-ready households at end-2012, 179 million are viewing HD content
Informa study highlights sales potential for basic mobile phones
How do the PPI people get your number? A plague of unsolicited phone calls examined.
Virgin Mobile RSA blames the market...but where's the entrepreneurial flare?
Why Vodafone should not pay UK Corporation Tax; or how the Government wins either way
What happens to your credit when your SIM card is deactivated?
UK mobile consumer test: O2 worst for spam texts
Smartphone strategies: innovation v low-price. Which way to go?
Asia Pacific readies to take mobile payments mantle: USD 2 trillion of global transactions by 2017
60% of smartphones users have a weekly problem with their device: smart phone or dumb user?
Asian smartphone shipments to account for 42.3% of global market by 2016
African smartphone shipments to grow nearly 40% by end-2016
Calls from a smartphone fail four times more often than from a feature phone: EU regulators call for action...
Would M-PESA work in the UK? Vodafone v. Barclays - which one would you trust to look after your money?
Annual smartphone shipments to hit 1.095 billion in 2016; representing 50% of all shipments

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