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The VOD Directory

The VOD Directory

Market Study
Published: September 2017
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Research from: digital TV research
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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First published May 2017, Updated September 2017

This first ever guide to Video On Demand platforms around the world makes it easy to find key information and contact details for over 800 generalist and specialist services globally.

While much has been documented about major players like Amazon and Netflix, there is very little researched information about the plethora of other VOD services available.

This directory is not exhaustive as services launch and disappear far too regularly. However, it does aim to capture all the key VOD players globally who buy third party content as a primary right or commission original content. As such, catch-up and TV Everywhere services, both of which are largely operated by linear TV broadcasters, are not included, except for those who are starting to premiere, or exclusively air, content on these services.

Each entry includes:

• Names and contact details of buyers and commissioners of content as well as other key personnel
• Service type: TVOD, SVOD, AVOD
• Type of content acquired or commissioned exclusively for that service.
• Ownership details
• Geographical footprint

The VOD directory is divided into six chapters and contains over 1500 buyers and other key executives within 600+ video on-demand services across 190+ countries.

Published by The Content Research Company, this directory is delivered in PDF format.

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