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Global Macrocell Remote Radio Unit (RRU) Market Analysis

Global Macrocell Remote Radio Unit (RRU) Market Analysis

Market Study
Published: October 2017
Pages: 105
Research from: EJL Wireless Research
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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This report provides a comprehensive analysis for the global macrocell BTS

remote radio unit (RRU market. This report covers the global market share for

2016 shipments as well as a forecast for 2017-2021. The report covers the

following wireless air interfaces:



4G LTE/LTE-Advanced

4.5G LTE-Advanced Pro

4.9G LTE-Advanced Pro Massive MIMO

5G New Radio Massive MIMO



2016 Shipments by OEM Vendor

2016 Shipments by Region

2016 Shipments by Frequency Cluster

2016 Shipments by Air Interface

2017-2021 Forecast by Region

2017-2021 Forecast by Air Interface

2017-2021 Forecast by Frequency Cluster


The global remote radio unit (RRU) and antenna radio system (ARS) market declined by 8%

in 2016. Total RRU/ARS shipments across all air interfaces were 9.4 million for 2016.

This report only focuses on the macrocell RRU/ARS market. Please visit our website for

market analysis reports covering the digital baseband unit (BBU), radio transceiver (TRX),

and macrocell BTS antenna markets.

In this inaugural edition of the report, we are presenting for the first time a detailed analysis

of RRU/ARS shipments by equipment supplier, air interface, and MIMO technology. We are

including a detailed analysis from a regional perspective to better frame the thesis of our

current outlook for the market as well as possible new drivers for demand.

2016 Review: Preparing for 4.5G/4.9G

China was still the market to be in for 2016 as it represented xx% of overall global

RRU/ARS shipments. This meant that Chinese-based suppliers Datang, Huawei

Technologies, and ZTE were able to capitalize on their domestic market with foreign

suppliers limited to 5-10% market share.

China shipments were down xx% in 2016 compared with 2015 as TDD demand softens from

China Mobile and lower CAPEX spending from all three mobile operators in China.

Demand in the North America was strong due to 700MHz deployments as well as refarming

of 850MHz and 1900MHz spectrum.

LTE deployments in Asia Pacific also drove demand across SE Asia. India shipments

increased by xx% as Reliance Jio completed its network roll out to launch commercial


Oil-based countries that in the past were able to fund network large projects were weak in

CAPEX spending such as Russia and Nigeria. We believe that mobile operators upgraded

their RRUs in anticipation of supporting 4.5G network launches in 2017 and beyond.

The top suppliers by overall RRU/ARS shipments as well as for LTE technologies for 2016


Overall #1 RRU/ARS Supplier: Vendor X

Overall #1 LTE RRU/ARS Supplier: Vendor X

Overall #1 FDD-LTE RRU/ARS Supplier: Vendor X

Overall #1 TDD-LTE RRU/ARS Supplier: Vendor X


Tier 1 (>20% Market Share)



Tier 2 (10-20% Market Share)



Tier 3 (<10% Market Share)



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