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Worldwide MVNO 2017

Worldwide MVNO 2017

Published: July 2017
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Research from: TeleResearch Labs
Sector: Mobile

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Entering into its 10th successive production year, and having sold more than 1500+ copies so far, we're proud to introduce the latest addition to our existing family of directories: Worldwide-

MVNO-Directory 2017-18 (aka MVNOD 2017). The MVNOD 2017 has been designed to help those who work directly or indirectly with MVNOs, and need a more sophisticated & disciplinary approach

of doing business or networking with them.

·Key Decision Makers/ Management Contacts - Roles

· Key Decision Makers/ Management Contacts - Email Addresses

Key Decision Makers/ Management Contacts - Names

1. Africa 2. Asia & Far East (incl. Oz & NWZ) 3. Europe 4. Latin America 5. Middle East

6. North America

MNOs have finally come to understand the benefits of working with MVNOs. Everywhere, leading operators are now contemplating options to set foothold in foreign unserved and/ or under-served markets for new business avenues. This also holds true where financial, regulatory hurdles at times do not permit consolidations over conventional M&A practices. While MVNOs would continue growing in Europe and the US, there would be increasing opportunities in Asia Pacific, Latin America and other emerging markets.

The Directory, with its detailed and relevant information on MVNOs, would considerably reduce the research and decision-making time of key executives, and lead to developing potentially improved business partnerships between MNOs & MVNOs.

Besides the conventional PDF-only format we are also offering the excel format

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