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Worldwide 4G-Wireless 2017 Directory

Worldwide 4G-Wireless 2017 Directory

Published: July 2017
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Research from: TeleResearch Labs
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

From: GBP 1535.00
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Over the past 8 years, we have experienced several significant improvements that make 'W4GOD’ today a highly dependable resource, or as some put it - a 'must-have' for all those looking to cater to the variety of operator needs vis-à-vis opportunities emerging ahead – all across the globe.

However the first-timers will have plenty of good reasons to subscribe to it, the existing customers too will find this edition more intriguing & powerful than ever.

The 8th edition of W4GOD presents full overhaul to its previous siblings– the architecture, flow of information, penetration rates (%age), network offerings, management

contacts, email addresses (direct/ individual info); share patterns, and much more…basically, a complete make-over of how data was presented or put to use by the enthused vendor fraternity.

Also for the first time, we bring to you the EXCEL format other than the traditional (only PDF) format – which will surely serve a cutting edge to our customers over other incumbents serving to similar needs.

If you're still not ready to delve into such advanced medium, you'll miss on what you can do without the enhanced features (e.g. auto-correction-tools, enhanced menus, etc.)

1. Africa 2. Asia and Far East (Australia & New Zealand) 3. Europe 4. Latin America

5. Middle East 6. North America

The Directory offers following information:-

· Name of the Operator [Continent & Country Wise]

· Group Information

· Commercial Business Information [network portfolio, subscriber growth, penetration, ownership/ share patterns, etc.]

· Postal Address, Phone & Fax Nos.

· Online Presence (/URL)

Key Decision Makers/ Management Contacts - Roles

· Key Decision Makers/ Management Contacts - Email Addresses

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