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The African Data Center Rises - 2017

The African Data Center Rises - 2017

Management Report
Published: June 2017
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Research from: Xalam Analytics
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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Report Summary: The African Data Center is Still Rising

The African Multi-Tenant Data Center (MTDC) market has entered a new phase of growth, one that should see deeper adoption in core markets, and a broader, more distributed data center service penetration beyond the core. The harbingers of this impending data center market growth have been building up for years. African broadband is booming; the number of connections has passed the 200 million mark and should grow by an average of nearly 20% over the next five years. Fiber connectivity prices are declining, workload migration to the cloud is accelerating, data privacy and sovereignty concerns are gaining ground, and a new breed of consumer and enterprise digital natives are putting new demands on African Internet networks.

These and other factors are driving the race to bring the brains of the African Internet back to the continent, in the process transforming the African data center colocation business into one of the hottest growth segments in the African ICT market. This transformation is at the heart of this report, the second edition of our "Africa Data Center Rises" series.

  1. Leveraging months of research, dozens of interviews, extensive data collections and new analytical tools for data center analysis and geo-mapping, the "African Data Center Rises –How the Race to the Cloud is Transforming African Colocation Markets" report provides an unprecedented view into the dynamics underpinning the African MTDC colocation market.
  2. The report explores key questions surrounding the African MTDC colocation market from the mundane, yet critical (how many colo data centers are there exactly in Africa, how big is the market, who are the key players), to the more incisive, if complicated (Can African colo players survive on colo only, should African telcos sell their data center assets, how much is Teraco worth, which markets are the most attractive, etc.)
  3. A reference report for all players and investors in the African colocation and cloud markets.


Sample Key Points Explored in this Report

The insights derived from our research on African data center colocation markets are distilled in this report, covering critical key questions and points, including:

Why we say that the African colocation market is really, primarily, about 7 core markets –and what those countries are;

Why we say that almost half of African MTDC facilities are really built to do other things –and why that is;

Why we say that less than 10% of African MTDC facilities are "True" Carrier and Vendor-Neutral MTDCs –and what the implications are;

Why we say that outside of the South African market, Africa has low levels or "realized demand";

Why we say that power supply remains a challenge for African colo players; but argue that connectivity is the bigger problem;

Why we say that MTDC colocation is one of the hottest growth segments in the African ICT market;

Why we say African colo markets are small and complicated –but carry substantial upside for those who will dare take them on;

Why we say that power supply challenges do distort African data center economics –and hamper the long-term margin upside of this business;

Why we say that African colocation isn’t a case of build it and they will come. You may build it, but absent other critical conditions, it will stay empty;

Why we say that African telcos should consider selling their data center assets –though doing so will have no material impact on their balance sheets;

Why we say, about South Africa’s Teraco –"Show them the Money";

Why international colo operators are not here yet –and why they are coming;

And more..



Markets Covered with Good Depth

The core analysis of the report is driven by insights and data generated primarily from these markets;
We provide a country-focused analysis of colo market size, key players, estimated market share, revenue outlook
Specific country-focused profile, key trends, projections and other analysis:

South Africa

Other Markets Covered

The core analysis of the report is driven by insights and data generated primarily from these markets;
At a minimum, some top line numbers and projections are provided in specific colo size tables;
Key trends and dynamics are explored and highlighted throughout the report -but no specific country profiling

Ivory Coast

Comapnies Mentioned

Amazon Web Services
Digital Realty
East Africa Data Center
EO Data Center
Etix Everywhere
Hetzner SA
Internet Solutions
Liquid Telecom
Maroc Data Center
MTN Business
Ooredoo Tunisia
Orange Group
Rack Africa
Raya Data Center
Telecom Egypt
Telkom SA
T-Systems SA
Vodacom Business

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