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5G plans and investments

5G plans and investments

Market Study
Published: May 2017
Pages: 55
Research from: iDate
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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  • 5G has not been fully standardised yet. But 5G is set to become a reality by 2020 and, for some MNOs by 2018. MNOs and equipment manufacturers are all in the starting blocks and trialling 5G.
  • MNOs are trialling 5G in a wide range of frequency bands mostly ranging from 3 to 80 GHz in a trade-off between technical feasibility and consumer/use cases needs based on propagation characteristics. The most trialled bands are the 28 and the 15 GHz.
  • Very high data rates are expected and 35 Gbps data rates and above have been demonstrated.
  • 5G deployment requires massive investments. Billions of euros of both public and private funding are needed to be at the forefront of 5G in the 2 years to come.

This study examines the current state of 5G. Current key trials have been in-depth analysed. Public results and strategies lying behind are highlighted.
Investments and deadlines for 5G are also presented at world wide level.




  • AT&T
  • China Mobile
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Ericsson
  • Etisalat
  • Huawei
  • KT
  • Mobil1
  • Nokia
  • Orange
  • Proximus
  • Qualcomm
  • Samsung
  • SK Telecom
  • StarHub
  • Telecom Italia
  • TeliaSonera
  • Telstra
  • Verizon


5G trials: the main outputs

  • Status of 5G trials, worldwide, to date
  • Expected 5G timetables, compared
  • Race towards 5G in the mobile ecosystem

5G plans and investments

  • 5G first deadlines and trials
  • Non-MNO investments in 5G, world


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