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Global 4G/LTE network: Current state and strategy framework for telcos, 2016-2020

Global 4G/LTE network: Current state and strategy framework for telcos, 2016-2020

Market Study
Published: January 2017
Pages: 102
Research from: WiseStrokes
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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·       The global mobile subscription count continues to witness a moderate growth (though the y-o-y overall growth rate has witnessed a marginal decline). The growth in the 4G services has witnessed an significant uptake in the recent years, owing to increased network deployment and upgradation of the existing network by telcos, availability of spectrum for service rollout, increased ecosystem for affordable smartphones.


·       The total number of live 4G/LTE networks reached 451 in 2015 as compared to 357 a year ago. The 4G/LTE networks were available across 151 countries globally in 2015 globally, with around 1 billion subscriptions. The overall 4G/LTE subscriptions is expected to reach 4 billion by 2020.



·       Some of the regions like Asia-Pacific and Africa & Middle East will be the key drivers for the growth of LTE subscriptions, as these regions have been witnessing a larger portion of the total 4G/LTE network deployment in recent years. A majority of the countries which do not yet have live 4G/LTE networks plan to launch it by the year-end 2017.


·       In order to facilitate the adoption of 4G services, the telcos such as SingTel (Singapore), Telstra (Australia), AT&T (USA) plan to shut down their existing 2G network, to facilitate the migration of customers to higher speed 3G and 4G/LTE networks. In countries like India, the telcos are pricing their 4G services at similar rates to 3G services, to drive the adoption of 4G for the first time users and upgrade the existing 3G subscribers to 4G.



·       Availability of high speed 4G/LTE network, which offers support for services like music/video streaming, Video-on- Demand (VoD) etc, will further result in increased data usage (2G, 3G and 4G) by subscribers and is likely to grow nearly 6.5 times over 2015-2021 to reach 8.9 GB/month per smartphone


·       Telco vendor partnerships for OSS/BSS harmonization, new products and services launches, competitive pricing, agile business value framework and strategies by the telcos will further drive the adoption of 4G services globally, as some of the developed countries like US, South Korea, Japan etc prepare for the launch of 5G services in the next 1-2 year timeframe.


This report “Global 4G/LTE network: Current state and strategy framework for telcos consists of 10 major

sections namely

1. Overview of Global Fixed and Mobile Market: This section highlights the trends and evolution of mobile

telephony across select region for the period 2010-2016, alongwith an insight of mobile and fixed broadband

subscription and smartphone shipment trend.

2. Why should Telcos focus on 4G/LTE services: It includes the factors for offering 4G/LTE services by the telcos

and with whom they can collaborate for the 4G service offering ecosystem.

3. 4G/LTE Services Trends and Overview: It summarizes the 4G/LTE deployment trend and factors influencing

deployment across key regions.

4. 4G/LTE Services Overview: This section discusses about the strategic framework, drivers/inhibitors, key

consideration factors for telcos and demand factors for 4G/LTE services.

5. WiseStrokes Survey Results: This includes summary of the responses received for the survey conducted by

WiseStrokes with more than 50 telcos globally.

6. LTE Broadcast services Introduction: It provides a snapshot of LTE Broadcast services offerings.

7. 4G/LTE services - Major 4G/LTE network infrastructure vendors: This section provides a summarized analysis

of the 4G/LTE capabilities of leading infrastructure vendors.

8. 4G/LTE Services Current deployment overview across various regions: This section provides an analysis of

the current state and future adoption of 4G/LTE services across major regions.

9. 4G/LTE services Global Regulatory and Availability Overview across countries: This section provides

information regarding the 4G/LTE services like spectrum auction, launch dates and key players for 4G services

for more than 35 countries globally.

10. 4G/LTE services Select Operator success stories: This section includes details of select seven succesful4G/LTE

operators and provides a summary of their service capabilities, strategy and initiatives taken to drive adoption of

their 4G/LTE services.

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