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World Telecom Services Market

World Telecom Services Market

Management Report
Published: January 2017
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Research from: iDate
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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Trends & Analyses, June to December 2016

The World Telecom Services - Markets & Players study includes two deliverables:
1. A report (ppt format) providing readers with the current status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trends and growth dynamics by technology and by markets. It also offers an overview of the world's top telcos.

2. A dataset dedicated to service revenues and usages with data and forecasts up to 2020 for 26 countries, 5 regions & world consolidated


Dataset Description

Access indicators
 • Number of traditional landlines
 • Total number of mobile customers, number of mobile customers by 3G and LTE technology
 • Number of prepaid and postpaid mobile customers
 • Total number of fixed Internet subscribers by access technology and number of broadband subscribers
 • Number of VoIP subscribers
 • Market share of the leading mobile operators
 • Market share of the leading broadband Internet access providers

Revenue indicators
 • Revenues from fixed telephony
 • Mobile services turnover, mobile voice turnover, mobile data turnover
 • Revenues from fixed Internet services
 • Revenues from data transmission

Socio-economic data
 • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): annual 2010-2015
 • Population

Type of data
 • Historical data 2010-2015
 • Estimates at the end of 2016
 • Forecasts 2017-2020

Geographical coverage

• The global market for telecom services has been divided into five main zones: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia/Pacific and Africa/Middle East.
• The European Union subdivision (at 28) (EU-28) also appears.
• The countries below are detailed within each zone.
Regional consolidations take into account all the countries of the zone.


 • Belgium
 • France
 • Germany
 • Italy
 • Netherlands
 • Poland
 • Russia
 • Spain
 • Sweden
 • Switzerland
 • Turkey
 • United Kingdom

North America
 • Canada
 • USA

Latin America
 • Argentina
 • Brazil
 • Mexico

Asia Pacific
 • Australia
 • China
 • India
 • Indonesia
 • Japan
 • South Korea

Middle East - Africa
 • Nigeria
 • Saudi Arabia
 • South Africa

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