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TV Broadcasters in the New OTT Environment

TV Broadcasters in the New OTT Environment

Market Study
Published: January 2017
Pages: 70
Research from: iDate
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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Traditional TV players and their OTT Positioning Strategies

Using examples from North America, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, this report looks at major television players, public and private, free and pay, and their positioning strategy for Over-the-Top.

We first try to understand what in the sector as a whole is motivating these traditional TV players to develop OTT strategies in parallel, in addition, as an extension, or even sometimes in competition with their linear TV offerings.

The report then details the OTT services developed by the major audiovisual groups of the four markets studied, and seeks to identify how these services fit into each company's overall approach, and how the competitive environment has influenced these strategies.

Finally, it analyses the strategic OTT positionings of these groups and defines a typology for the different approaches.

Slideshow contents:

Audiovisual market developments
 • Changing consumption trends
 • Changing equipment trends
 • Changing audiovisual revenue trends
 • Competition growth

TV broadcasters and their OTT initiatives
 • United Kingdom
 • France
 • Germany
 • United States

Analysis of the strategic OTT positioning adopted by traditional TV players
 • Steady migration to OTT but with different approaches
 • Strategic positioning of major television groups

List of players

• 21st Century Fox
• Amazon Prime Video
• Canal+
• France Télévisions
• Hulu
• M6
• NBCUniversal
• Netflix
• Now TV
• ProSiebenSat.1 Media
• Showtime
• Sky Deutschland
• Sky UK
• TF1
• YouTube

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