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Next Gen Telcos

Next Gen Telcos

Management Report
Published: December 2016
Pages: 159
Research from: iDate
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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New telco economics by 2025

This report provides an assessment of the potential futures for telcos by 2025, taking into account expected evolutions in the digital economy, with a focus on connectivity, IoT, OTT and IT markets.

It first puts in perspective the key stakes that telcos have to tackle. It then looks at how major telcos are indeed trying to address with transformation plans for 2020 through an in-depth benchmark.

A very large focus on 13 digital markets is then conducted to determine the major opportunities for telcos leveraging some of their genuine assets.

The report finally draws 4 disruptive scenarios for 2025 and assesses for each of them the likely portfolio of services, the organisation and processes, the potential revenues (with a breakdown per type of revenue) but also the EBITDA and FCF margins, showing how telco economics could be radically transformed.

List of players studied

• AT&T
• BT
• Deutsche Telekom
• Orange
• Telefónica
• Verizon
• Vodafone

Slideshow contents:

Context and stakes
 • Current telco economics
 • Telco assets to expand in digital technologies & services
 • Stakes for telcos
 • First reactions of telcos with 2020 plans

Digital markets
 • A large addressable market
 • Different options for telcos
 • Telcos assets to expand on digital markets
 • Telcos trailing behind currently on most markets

2025 scenarios
 • Major uncertainties
 • Four scenarios for 2025
 • Scenario characteristics

Impacts for telcos
 • Telcos' activities in 2025 - Digital products and services
 • Telcos' activities in 2025 - Traditional products and services
 • Digital markets in 2025
 • Telco economics in 2025
 • Telco economics in 2025

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