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European Telecom Sector Benchmark

European Telecom Sector Benchmark

Market Study
Published: December 2016
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Research from: iDate
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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This benchmark shows progress similarities and differences on the path of growth of the telecom operators in Europe. Although revenues shrank and were restructured in the past five years, Telcos as Cablecos embraced differently the competition and the needs for investment in either wireless or wireline fast broadband networks.

In this report, the subscribers, revenues shares, margins and growth figures are compared throughout Europe. Market dynamics are detailed for 6 sub-regions with similar economics: Scandinavia, Central Europe, Southern Europe, Southeastern Europe, The British Isles and Western European countries.
Then, the report addresses the concentration and development of big players by benchmarking their tendency to develop at the pan European level, at a chosen sub-region level or by escaping the game with an external international ambition.


Dataset Description


List of indicators

Type of data
 • Historic data 2007-2015

Geographic coverage

 • European Union (EU-28)
 • Norway
 • Switzerland

Country variables

Socioeconomic data
 • Annual gross domestic product (GDP)
 • Population
Access indicators
 • Number of traditional landlines
 • Total number of mobile customers, number of 3G and LTE mobile customers
 • Number of prepaid, postpaid mobile customers
 • Total number of fixed Internet subscribers, number of fixed broadband subscribers
 • Number of MNOs and main operators’ market share
 • Main broadband ISP's market share
Revenue indicators
 • Wireline telephone revenue
 • Mobile services revenue, mobile calling revenue, mobile data revenue
 • Fixed Internet services revenue
Explanatory variables
 • Roaming tariffs
 • Unbundling tariffs
Economic aggregates
 • Revenue
 • Distribution of revenue by geographic segment and business area
 • Net profits and profit rate
 • CapEx and rate of investment
Revenue indicators
 • Fixed ARPU
 • Mobile ARPU
Market performance
 • Number of subscribers
 • Geographic coverage


Operators Examined

European operators in the global top 30
 • BT
 • Deutsche Telekom
 • KPN
 • Liberty Global
 • Numericable-SFR
 • Orange
 • Swisscom
 • Telecom Italia
 • Telefónica
 • Telenor
 • TeliaSonera
 • Vimpelcom
 • Vodafone

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