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World TV & Video Services Markets

World TV & Video Services Markets

Market Study
Published: December 2016
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Research from: iDate
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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Terrestrial - Satellite - Cable - IPTV - DVD - Blu-ray - Video on demand
Data & forecasts up to 2021

Our TV experts publish half-yearly their TV & Video Services observatory covering 39 countries, 10 regions and world consolidated.
This ongoing monitoring is accompanied by regular analyses and analyst viewpoints of trends, disruptions and industry moves.

This bundle includes two deliverables:
1. A report (ppt format) The state-of-the-art for TV & Video Services: changes in accessing TV, viewing patterns, TV & video revenues and audiovisual value chain. Besides the monitoring of these criteria the study provides you with analyses and viewpoints of our lead TV & video analysts. It draws the audiovisual landscape regarding TV & video services worldwide, going even further in stressing out the regional differences and market specificities.

2. A half-yearly updated dataset (xlsx) Historicals, Estimations & Forecasts up to 2021
- TV and OTT video access modes: Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, IPTV
- Network digitization
- TV and video consumption: audience and time spent
- Television and video revenues
  . TV revenues: advertising, subscription, public revenues
  . Physical video revenues: DVD/BluRay retail & rental
  . Video on demand revenues: DTR, EST, SVoD, advertising


Database description

Indicators by country

Usage indicators
 • Viewing time: live TV, catch-up TV, video on demand (VoD) on managed services and OTT
 • The top free-to-air channels' audience share
 • Number of transactions: DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals

Access indicators
 • General access indicators: TV households, FTA & Pay-TV households
 • Households' television access mode on the main TV set: terrestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV
 • Digitisation levels: analogue/digital split for each access mode
 • Pay-TV penetration: pay-TV/free-to-air only split
 • Customer numbers for the main pay-TV services
 • Audience figures for the top TV channels for a selection of countries

Revenue indicators
 • GDP; TV, Home video and on-demand video revenue's share of GDP
 • Income from public financing/licensing fees
 • TV and online video (in-stream adverts) ad revenue
 • Pay-TV revenue
 • Physical video revenue
 • Video on demand services revenue

Type of data
 • Background data 2013-2015
 • Estimates as of the end of 2016
 • Forecasts for 2017-2021

1. Some indicators are not available in all countries
2. Regional aggregate data include all countries in the region - it is the same for world consolidated

Geographical Coverage
• The global TV market is broken down into five main regions: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa-the Middle-East.
• Regional aggregate data include all countries in the region

• Austria
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Czech Republic
• Estonia
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Ireland
• Italy
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Luxemburg
• The Netherlands
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Russia
• Scandinavia
• Slovak Republic
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Switzerland
• The United Kingdom

North America
• Canada

Latin America
• Argentina
• Brazil
• Colombia
• Mexico

• Australia
• China
• India
• Japan
• South Korea

Africa & the Middle East
• Egypt
• South Africa
• Turkey

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