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Digital Identity

Digital Identity

Market Study
Published: December 2016
Pages: 70
Research from: iDate
Sector: Information & Communications Technology

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Opportunities for telecom operators

This report analyses the technology and market trends around digital identity.
It presents the major technologies used for authenticating end users and managing their digital identity, including some identity-based services such as e-signature, fraud detection and access control.

The market report focuses on the strategy of telecom operators towards digital identity and the surrounding ecosystem of competitors and providers.

The value of digital identity is also examined in detail, along with market forecasts and an overview of the main drivers and barriers influencing the development of the market.

Slideshow Content

Digital identity: technologies and solutions
• Overview of digital identity technologies
• Authentication process
• Digital identity management

Market structure and player strategies
• Market structure
• Authentication technology providers
• Internet platforms
• Role of telcos in digital identity

Market and forecasts
• Market development factors
• Development forecast

List of Players

• 3D Secure
• Adobe Systems
• Amazon
• AT&T
• Atmel
• Authentec, Inc
• Banco Santander
• Barclays
• BioCatch
• China Mobile
• China Telecom
• Citrix
• Deutsche Telekom
• DocuSign
• Facebook
• Fingerprint Cards AB
• Finsphere
• Gemalto
• Google
• MasterCard
• Microsoft
• Morpho
• Nuance Communication
• O-film
• Orange
• Royal Bank of Canada
• Safran Identity and Security
• Samsung
• Secured Signing Limited
• Swisscom
• Synaptics
• Telefónica
• Telenor
• Telenor Group
• Validity Sensors
• Verizon Enterprise
• Vodafone

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