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Market Briefing
Published: December 2016
Pages: 35
Research from: iDate
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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Strategies to face with the cord-cutting phenomenon

This report delivers a status update on cord-cutting in the United States and in Europe, along with a future outlook.
It analyses the different ways that pay-TV markets on either side of the Atlantic are evolving, and the progress being made by OTT services.

It identifies the factors behind viewers' key reasons for cancelling their traditional pay-TV plans.

It also explores how pay-TV providers and top broadcasters are responding to battle against the cord-cutting phenomenon, or at least minimise its impact on their business.
Lastly, it delivers insights into how this phenomenon is likely to unfold over time.

Slideshow contents:

State of pay-TV in the main markets
 • The pay-TV market in the United States and Europe
 • The OTT market’s development

The key incentives for cord-cutting

How pay-TV providers and broadcasters are responding
 • Diversifying product lines
 • Enhancing TV products

Summary and outlook

Companies referenced in report:

• AfroStream
• Amazon Prime Video
• Apple
• AT&T DirecTV
• Canal+
• CanalPlay
• CBS All Access
• Comcast
• Comcast Stream
• Cstream
• DirecTV Now
• Dish
• Fox
• HBO Now
• Hulu
• iTunes
• KPN Play
• Netflix
• SFR Play
• SFR-Numericable
• Showtime
• Sky UK
• Sling TV
• Verizon

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