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Smart Cities & IoT

Smart Cities & IoT

Market Study
Published: November 2016
Pages: 67
Research from: iDate
Sector: Information & Communications Technology

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Trends and outlook for urban IoT

This report explores the topic of the smart city from the perspective of the development of the Internet of Things in four vertical markets: mobility, the environment, public safety and managing flows (power, water, gas).

It delivers a detailed snapshot of the technologies that could underpin the Internet of Things' deployment in cities.

The four vertical markets examined are analysed in terms of the value-added brought by digital services, their value chain, stakeholders and business models.
The report also supplies international quantitative data for each four vertical markets.

Slideshow contents

1. Urban IoT technologies
 • Rollout arguments and fields of application for connected objects in the smart city
 • Growing use of LPWA networks in a connectivity landscape still dominated by GPRS
 • Processing and storing urban data

2. The Internet of Things in the four vertical smart city markets
 • Rethinking urban mobility
 • A more carefully managed urban environment
 • Meeting a societal demand for a safe and secure urban space
 • More sustainable cities

3. Market outlook

4. The issue of business models

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