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Ireland Telecommunications Report

Ireland Telecommunications Report

Market Study
Published: November 2016
Pages: 56
Research from: Business Monitor International
Sector: Mobile

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BMI View:

The Irish telecoms market is continuing to undergo the changes that were introduced by the consolidation between 3 and O2 in the mobile market. Operators’ focus has been on premium and advanced services, and this has been driven by the positive macroeconomic outlook in recent quarters. Migration to postpaid, LTE, VDSL/fibre and converged services are operators’ core strategies, as they look to improve their prospects for monetisation. Top services are required to be offered with those better networks, but there is still a large room for growth of advanced services in the market.

Key Data

- The Irish mobile market has lost subscribers in the first half of 2016, ending the period with 5.058mn subscribers

- The move towards premium services is highlighted by the demand for LTE, representing 33.8% of the market in Q216 compared to just 8.8% in Q314.

- Faster speeds have driven the uptake of fixed broadband services, but this has not been enough to offset the decline in the dedicated mobile broadband market; the former had 1.33mm subscribers at the end of June 2016, compared to just over 350,000 for the latter

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