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IoT: Smart Home Business Models

IoT: Smart Home Business Models

Market Study
Published: July 2016
Pages: 55
Research from: Parks Associates
Sector: Business Services & Logistics

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Connectivity enables business model innovation. Partnerships can create value and shift monetization from direct to indirect approaches and, in doing so, expand markets. Partnerships with energy providers in particular create new revenue opportunities for partners and consumers. This report outlines some of the key alternative business model options for energy providers, smart home product manufacturers, and service providers.


Data Collected from Connections 2015 (Live Polling Application)
The Internet of Things
Smart Home Device Ownership
High Intentions to Purchase a Smart Home Device
Smart Home Use Cases
EnergyHub Profile
Comverge Profile
Evolution of Consumer Involvement in Energy Trends
State Farm Insurance Profile
HomeAdvisor Profile
Angie’s List Profile
Home Energy and Maintenance Profile
Exchanging Device Control for Rebate
CITIES Market Studios Profile
Forecast Model for Monetization of Smart Thermostats
U.S. Smart Thermostat U.S. Installed Unit Forecast
Forecast of Smart Thermostats Connected to Energy Programs
Total Smart Thermostat DR Value Forecast

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