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Personalization in Entertainment Services

Personalization in Entertainment Services

Market Study
Published: September 2016
Pages: 50
Research from: Parks Associates
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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Personalization is becoming an increasingly important element in the entertainment world. Competitors are using personalization features and technologies to define services, derive new revenues, and build a loyal base of customers. This report looks into trends in personalization of content services, technologies related to personalization, and the impact of personalization on monetization. The report also examines consumer use of personalization and its impact on use and perception of entertainment services.


Contributing Companies
The Hierarchy of Entertainment Personalization
Elements of Entertainment Personalization
Identity/Authentication Technology Vendors
Consumer Concerns about Data Privacy
Interest in Privacy-related Services
Profile / Data Security Technology Vendors
Awareness of Pay-TV Discovery Features
Personalized Application Technology Vendors
Global Forecast Methodology for Personalized Content Discovery in Pay TV
Global Forecast – Subscribers Receiving Personalized Discovery via Pay-TV Service
Global Forecast – Penetration of Personalized Discovery among Pay-TV Subscribers

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