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UHD TV and Immersive Video

UHD TV and Immersive Video

Market Study
Published: October 2016
Pages: 45
Research from: iDate
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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Trends and prospects for UHD, HDR, VR

Recent technological developments in the audiovisual field, through new formats and innovative equipment, are providing greater immersion and improving our representation of the real world.

This report presents the current state of Ultra-High Definition TV and immersive technologies (360° video and virtual reality).
The concepts and viewing methods are presented along with an overview of current UHD services and the first forays into immersive video.

The impact of the new formats along the video value chain are also analysed.
Finally, we take a detailed look at the major challenges faced by the television, Internet and consumer electronics industries regarding these innovations.

List of Players

• Amazon Video
• Apple
• Comcast
• Crackle
• DirecTV
• Facebook
• France Télévisions
• Free
• Google
• Imax
• KT
• LG
• Microsoft
• Netflix
• Oculus
• Samsung
• Sky
• Sony
• Sony Pictures Entertainment
• Virtual Reality Cinema
• YouTube


Slideshow contents

Emerging video formats
 • Video technologies to improve image quality
 • Video technologies to improve immersion

Development of UHD and immersive services
 • Around 100 active UHD channels in 2016
 • Majority of initiatives focusing on 360° video

Impact of the new formats on the technical chain
 • VR and UHD strongly impacting the technical chain
 • To watch UHD content, all devices must be UHD compatible
 • VR headsets, new product category needed to experience VR content

Challenges surrounding UHD development for industries
 • Challenges for TV and movie industry players
 • Challenges for Internet players
 • Challenges for consumer electronics players

Prospects for growth of UHD and immersive formats
 • Drivers for UHD growth
 • Barriers to UHD growth
 • Drivers for 360°/VR growth
 • Barriers to 360°/VR growth

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