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Data monetisation

Data monetisation

Market Study
Published: October 2016
Pages: 70
Research from: iDate
Sector: Information & Communications Technology

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Opportunities beyond OTT: finance, retail, telecom, health and automotive

This report describes the existing but fast-shifting degree of data monetisation in the verticals of finance, telecom, healthcare and automotive. Woven through all this is the thread of the influence of such cross-cutting trends as social networks and user commitment or hesitation.
A rich palette of examples of players’ early moves and latent plans illustrates the vibrancy of the issue.
The clear potential for each vertical is examined in detail, as are bumps on the road ahead. Privacy, especially in finance and healthcare, as well as in shopping and telecom habits, can be cited as one example.

List of players reviewed

The data monetisation activities of the following companies and brands are reviewed in this report:

• American Express
• Apple
• AT&T
• Axa
• Bank of America
• Barclays
• Cardlytics
• Citigroup
• Cobra
• Coimbra Genomics
• CountAbout
• DataSift
• Discovery
• Early Warning
• Facebook
• Fitbit
• General Motors
• Google
• John Hancock
• Intuit
• JPMorgan Chase
• Macy’s
• MasterCard
• Mint
• Open Bank Project
• Opera Mediaworks
• Oracle
• Orange
• Philips
• Plaid
• RunKeeper
• SingTel
• Skypatrol
• Skyscanner
• Sprint
• Swisscom
• Telefónica/O2
• Twitter
• Uber
• Validic
• Verizon
• Vibes
• Visa
• Vitality
• Vodafone
• Walgreens
• Withings

Slideshow contents

Data monetisation options for verticals
 • Big data: disruptive concept for data monetisation
 • Big data technologies and market structure
 • Big data market size

Opportunities for verticals
 • Adoption of big data by verticals
 • Opportunities for verticals
 • Differences between verticals
 • Finance
 • Telecom
 • Healthcare
 • Social networks
 • Automotive

 • Major opportunities for the verticals
 • The battle with platforms

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