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Global Telecommunications Report

Global Telecommunications Report

Market Study
Published: October 2016
Pages: 47
Research from: Business Monitor International
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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The constantly changing telecoms market is undergoing a profound metamorphosis on numerous levels. Traditional business models are no longer sufficient to meet consumers ' needs and expectations and technological improvements renders large parts of the infrastructure and service ecosystem obsolete. While 'accesses' and 'connections' will still be an important part of the competitive landscape, it is service diversity and convergence that will determine which players will survive in the new epoch; physical networks are best left to specialised players better placed to monetise investments in these capital-intensive assets. Content ( Netflix ), devices ( Apple , Samsung ), financial/commerce-orientated services ( Amazon , Alibaba , PayPal , M-Pesa ), content distribution ( Level 3 ) a nd the Internet of Things ( Google ) are - and will continue to be - the key areas of focus over the 2016-2020 period.
Advanced Services Demand Advanced Networks
3G/4G Penetration Rates (per 100 population)
f = BMI forecast. Source: BMI

Key Data

  • 'Service Anywhere' connectivity will be the telecoms industry's over-riding goal for the next five years. Mobile technologies will be the great facilitators for the spread of such services and we anticipate 3G/4G subscriptions growing from 3.652bn in 2016 to 4.827bn by 2020. We do not expect 5G technologies to be commercially available before 2020, so there will be continued investment in supplementary technologies, such as vectoring, fibre, DOCSIS 3.0, small cells and low power wide area wireless.

  • Advanced services will be heavy users of bandwidth and we forecast multi-purpose fixed/mobile broadband accesses to grow to 1.380bn by 2020. Dedicated mobile broadband connections will gradually become more ubiquitous but less retail subscription-orientated; broadband subscriptions would otherwise be more numerous by 2020.

  • In time, subscription numbers will become less relevant as an indicator of growth. As operators pursue connected strategies, so the number of devices linked to a single account-holder will proliferate. Connected cars, smart meters, smart prosthetics and clothing will be just a few of a myriad of 'things' connecting to the Internet. Monetising connected services will be operators' new priority.

  • Although it has become heavily commoditised and therefore less attractive as a paid-for service, voice still has an important role to play. It will be included in multi-product bundles and will therefore count in operators' reported connection numbers, especially in developed markets where triple-play uptake is developing rapidly. In less developed markets, voice will continue to be required as a stand-alone product although, increasingly, it will migrate to less transparent IP offerings.


Providing expert analysis, independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on the telecommunications industry.

Report includes: BMI Industry View, Industry SWOT Analysis, BMI Industry Forecast Scenario, Telecommunications Risk Reward Index, Market Overview, Regulatory Environment, Company Profiles and Competitive

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