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IoT Healthcare Opportunities for MNOs: Market Forecasts and MNO Approaches

IoT Healthcare Opportunities for MNOs: Market Forecasts and MNO Approaches

Market Study
Published: September 2016
Pages: 76
Research from: Pyramid Research
Sector: Information & Communications Technology

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  • Healthcare expenditures are under increasing pressure, particularly in developed markets, because of increasing demands from an aging population, the growing incidence of chronic diseases, continuing healthcare advances, and supply side pressures, notably governments needing to lower their overall expenditure. We are seeing healthcare moving away from acute centres of care (e.g., hospitals) to home care and other care environments, which not only lowers costs, but also improve patient quality of life and their ability to remain independent. Mobile network operators (MNOs) have started to offer a number of B2B and B2C products and services in the healthcare market, including SIM-based IoT connectivity services. Pyramid Research believes mobile operators can occupy a central role within the IoT value chain to provide device connectivity and value-added services (management, applications and integration). By creating value and innovation for multiple vertical sectors, they can thus increase customer loyalty and prevent ARPS erosion.


    “IoT Healthcare Opportunities for MNOs: Market Forecasts and MNO Approaches” offers an in-depth analysis of SIM-based IoT connectivity technologies, services and end-user requirements, devices and applications and the service provider ecosystem and the role of MNOs in the IoT health value chain. The report includes forecasts through 2020 for SIM-based IoT connections by type including cardiac rhythm management (CRM), remote electrocardiogram (ECG), blood remote monitoring, sleep diagnostic & therapeutic devices, as well as service revenue for SIM-based IoT connectivity. Built around case studies, the report provides MNO and device manufacturer positioning strategies in the healthcare vertical and what works and what doesn’t.

    The Report is structured as follows:

    • Section 1: Healthcare industry overview

    • Section 2: Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare definitions and overview

    • Section 3: SIM-based IoT healthcare connectivity forecast

    • Section 4: MNO approaches to the healthcare vertical

    • Section 5: MNO case studies, including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Telefonica Brazil, Vodacom and Great Call.

    • Section 6: Device manufacturer case studies, including ResMed, Life Watch, BioTronik, Medtronic and Doro

    • Section 7: Key findings and recommendations

    Reasons To Buy

    • ‘IoT Healthcare Opportunities for MNOs: Market Forecasts and MNO Approaches’ provides a comprehensive analysis of key opportunities provided by IoT healthcare segment and the various approaches being adopted by MNOs and device manufacturers globally, helping executives at MNOs and medical device manufacturers make informed strategic decisions and develop effective partnerships in the IoT healthcare arena.
    • The Report’s forward-looking analysis of key trends in IoT healthcare market helps providers assess the potential impact of healthcare on their business and identify related opportunities.
    • By understanding the opportunities and approaches of the main stakeholders in IoT healthcare segment – MNOs, device manufactures, sensor and device vendors can develop strategies to penetrate this market.

  • List of Companies

    • Air Liquide
    • AT&T
    • BioTronik
    • Boston Scientific
    • Deutsche Telekom
    • Doro
    • GreatCall
    • Intelesense
    • Livanova
    • LifeWatch
    • Medtronik
    • NovaSom
    • O2 (UK)
    • ResMed
    • St Jude Medical
    • Telefonica
    • TZ Medical
    • Philips
    • Vodacom
    • Zenicor
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