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LTE for fixed access

LTE for fixed access

Market Study
Published: September 2016
Pages: 72
Research from: iDate
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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In developed countries, the deployment of superfast broadband (SFB) is today one of the hottest topics in connection with the convergence of fixed and mobile. Plans for replacing a landline with a mobile line are nothing new.

The substitution by LTE of fixed broadband started to be offered by mobile players two or three years ago in European markets.

Many players are jumping onto the bandwagon, displaying a variety of strategies in a fast-moving industry.
The business case for fixed LTE is clearly there – whilst rather limited in advanced countries, it is wide open in developing markets.

The key question is if fixed LTE technology is going to win the race against fibre and hybrid and, if so, when? Today, LTE for fixed access appears to be the least expensive option to provide medium speeds in rural areas. The option of hybrid solutions combining xDSL and LTE is becoming a worthy competitor.

Companies referenced in this report

• Apple
• AT&T
• Bouygues
• Cisco
• Deutsche Telekom
• EE
• Google
• Huawei
• NBN Co
• SoftBank
• Sprint
• Starry
• TeliaSonera
• Telrad
• Ukko Mobile
• Verizon
• Vodafone


Slideshow contents:

 Drivers for Fixed LTE
• Range of technologies
• The business case for fixed LTE: portions of advanced & emerging countries / rural areas, medium speeds, Home & SMEs, mid-term
• Wireline DL speeds are theoretically faster than for mobile networks
• Various industry strategies
• Which technology (fibre - fixed LTE - hybrid) is going to win the race?

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