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Sport content: TV vs. OTT

Sport content: TV vs. OTT

Market Study
Published: August 2016
Pages: 85
Research from: iDate
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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New business models for sport content delivery

While the latest negotiations for the TV rights to major sports resulted in record prices, and the Euro 2016 football and summer Olympic Games have delivered very strong ratings, this report takes a look at sport content on television, and the Internet's growing weight in providing exposure for sports.

It explores the role that sport plays on television, and the role that television plays in financing sport leagues, as well as the opportunities being opened up by OTT. It takes a look at recent upheavals in the sector, the increased competition created by new sport channels, and the involvement of new players from the telecom and Internet universes.

The report details the strategies that leagues are adopting with respect to the distribution of their content, via broadcasting and OTT, and by Internet companies and telcos. It also examines how broadcasters are reacting to these new real and potential threats.
Lastly, it explores the technical and economic challenges that those providing live premium sport content are having to grapple with, and pinpoints several ways in which broadcasting and OTT can be used to complement one another, and the avenues open to the different types of stakeholder.

List of players

 ATP World Tour
• Basketball Pro A
• Bundesliga Football
• Euroleague basketball
• Formula 1
• Jupiler Pro League
• Liga Football
• Ligue 1 de football
• NCAA Basketball
• NCAA Football
• PGA Tour
• Premier League football
• Rugby Top 14
• Serie A Football
• Volleyball League A

• Altice/SFR
• BeIN Sport
• BT
• Cable One
• Cablevision
• Canal+
• Comcast
• Deutsche Telekom
• DirecTV
• Discovery/Eurosport
• Equipe 21
• France TV
• M6
• Mediacom
• Mediaset España
• Orange
• Proximus
• Sky Deutschland
• Sky UK
• Telefónica
• TF1
• Time Warner Cable
• Verizon

• Amazon
• Coliseum Sports Media
• Facebook
• Facebook Live Video
• Livesport
• Meerkat
• Netflix
• Perform Group/DAZN
• Periscope
• Twitter
• Vine
• Yahoo!
• YouTube

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