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Telecom consolidation in Europe

Telecom consolidation in Europe

Market Study
Published: August 2016
Pages: 43
Research from: iDate
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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Same drivers, new challenges

This report starts by presenting a panorama of the major moves and trends that have been observed in Europe recently. It continues with an examination of how the regulatory stance seems to have evolved since the new European Commission took office in late 2014 and looks further at the remedies that have been imposed by DG COMP between 2012 and 2016.

The question of how markets and users are being impacted by the wave currently sweeping European telecoms has been raised many times. The answer may differ, however, depending on who is responding. Chapter 4 will provide a short review of some of the major studies published on the issue over the last year or so.

The following chapter looks at whether mergers have actually held what operators were promising and presents the evolution of some key performance indicators prior to the merger under consideration, and thereafter.

List of players:

• Altice
• AT&T
• Bouygues Telecom
• Cablevision
• DirecTV
• Drei Austria
• Drillisch
• EE
• Enel
• E-Plus
• Hutchison 3G
• Iliad
• Jazztel
• Kabel Deutschland
• Liberty Global (JV)
• Meteor
• Numericable
• O2
• Portugal Telecom
• Suddenlink
• TalkTalk
• Telefónica
• Telenet
• Telenor
• Telia
• Vimpelcom
• Virgin Media
• Vivendi
• Vodafone
• Western Wireless
• Yoigo
• Ziggo

Slideshows contents:

• Drivers and hurdles for consolidation
• Convergence and in-market mobile transaction at the core of consolidation
• Major recent transactions
• Tougher regulatory stance
• Literature review: no clear conclusions on impact of M&A
• Consolidation: success stories (?)

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