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Global Telcos Multi-pronged Service Offerings in 2016

Global Telcos Multi-pronged Service Offerings in 2016

Market Study
Published: September 2016
Pages: 126
Research from: WiseStrokes
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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“Global Telcos Multi-pronged Service Offerings in 2016” report provides an overview of the various services and strategies being pursued by the telcos globally to enhance their revenues and increase customer satisfaction. It includes an overview of the current fixed and mobile market global. The report also includes finding from more than 50 operators globally for the survey conducted by WiseStrokes for the pricing strategies for various services. The report highlights about the various services, strategies and offerings of the global telcos. The plans and service details alongwith the service overview can be used as benchmark against other telcos to launch new services and further enhance the existing offerings to increase revenue monetization.


Key Features:


• An overview of the global mobile telephony market and growth trends across regions from 2006-2016.

• Provides guidance on the mobile subscribers for various technologies – 2015 v/s 2016 and forecast of global smartphone shipments for 2015-2021 (by vendors and mobile OS).

• Report emphasized and provides detailed information about the various services being offered by telcos like Connected Cars Apps, Music streaming services, real time campaign management, mobile apps, Handset

promotions and device financing offerings by telcos.

• Report contains data, details and analysis in graphical and tabular format- which makes it easily interpretable.

• The report contains survey finding based on inputs received from more than 50 global telcos for the mobile services pricing strategies.

• Some of the leading companies mentioned in the report includes AT&T, Verizon, Singtel, Vodafone, U Mobile Malaysia, Optus Australia, Spark, Boost Mobile, Airtel, Swisscom, Globe Telecom, Ooredoo, Telenor Pakistan, StarHub, M1, Mobily, Dialog, Ncell, Orange, MTN, Etisalat, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, DiGi, Robi, Claro, O2 UK

Executive Summary

The growth in the global mobile subscriptions has slowed down owing the saturation across developed countries and

lack of affordability in the underdeveloped countries for subscribing to mobile services.

In order to increase the monetization from the existing customers, retain their existing market share owing to

increasing competition, the telcos are pursuing multi-pronged strategies which includes competitive service

offerings, customer experience management, service enhancement and focus on offering personalized content.

The telcos are pursuing multi-pronged strategies ranging from innovative services offerings, 24X7 connectivity

services. In addition to expanding and upgrading their existing network, telcos are also focusing on leveraging the

existing fixed line infrastructure, by offering multi-play and bundled services. Also, the mobile customers are also

being promoted fixed services as bundled services.

This report ―Global Telcos Multi-pronged services offering in 2016consists of 3 major sections namely

Overview of Global Fixed and Mobile Market- Highlights the trends in the emergence of mobile telephony globally

and on a regional basis, and also includes the comparison of adoption of various technologies. The section also

provides forecast of smartphone shipments by vendor and mobile OS

WiseStrokes Survey Results- This section provides a graphical summary for the findings of the survey conducted by

WiseStrokes for pricing strategies being preferred and adopted by leading telcos globally. The analysis includes

the inputs received from more than 50 telecom operators globally.

Customer Engagement strategies and Services offerings by telcos- It contains the innovative services being offered

and strategies being adopted by the telcos in order to enhance revenue and enhance customer experience.

List of Companies mentioned in the report

AT&T      Lenovo    Spark
Airtel      M1     Sprint
Apple      Maroc Telecom  StarHub
Boost      Mobile Mobily  STC
Cellcom     Mobitel   Swisscom
Claro      MTN    Telenor Pakistan
Deutsche Telekom   Ncell    Telkom SA
Dialog      O2 UK    Tigo
DiGi      Omantel   Turkcell
Econet      Ooredoo   U Mobile Malaysia
Etisalat     Optus Australia Verizon
Globe Telecom    Orange    Virgin Mobile
H20      Robi    Vodafone
HOT      Samsung   Xiaomi
iDMobile     Singtel   Zuku
ipNX      VIVA

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