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Mobile Operator Scoreboard 2016

Mobile Operator Scoreboard 2016

Published: July 2016
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Research from: TeleResearch Labs
Sector: Mobile

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A statistical guide for analysts and decision makers including :-

600 Operators, and 3,000+ contacts

Name of the Operator                                                  
Brand Name                                                               
Revenue Growth                
Group Information
Subscriber Growth
Revenue CAGR
Net Income/Net earnings/ Net profit
Ownership/ share patterns
Subscriber CAGR
Revenue Market Share
Network Technology
Subscriber Market Share
CapEx a % of revenue
Postal Address,Phone & Fax Nos.                                                       
Subscriber Segmentation             
ARPU Segmentation  
Online Presence (/URL)                                               
Churn Rate


TeleResearch Labs’ Mobile Operator Scoreboard (aka Scoreboard) tracks the mobile industry at operator level. This is a unique product designed to assist telecom players with their strategic business planning and market analyses. Mobile Operator Scoreboard offers a worldwide review with regional, country, and operator-level details and analyses for subscribers, net additions, subscriber segmentation, market share, churn rate, revenue, revenue growth, revenue share, voice ARPU, data ARPU, EBITDA, Net Profit, and CapEx.
Quantifying all crucial KPIs (performance indications) of MNOs for the past 5 years with projections for 2016 up to 2018— the Mobile Operator Scoreboard will especially come handy for the use of company CEOs, presidents, research teams, analysts, across wide variety of decision-making; risk manoeuvring; competitive gaining; and the overall upkeep of (their) teams’ performances and common objectives.
Debuting this year (mid-2016), this easy to understand operator scoreboard will be updated and published bi-annually.

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