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Telco Strategies to Tap into the Enterprise Opportunity in Africa and the Middle East

Telco Strategies to Tap into the Enterprise Opportunity in Africa and the Middle East

Market Study
Published: December 2015
Pages: 36
Research from: Pyramid Research
Sector: Mobile

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Being historically the playing ground of IT vendors, telecom operators are accelerating their expansion into the enterprise ICT market, which is gaining traction in Africa and the Middle East (AME). To succeed, telcos need to transform into integrated ICT service providers and craft a holistic strategy that supports their transformation and that they can harness to monetize and maximize the enterprise segment opportunity in AME. Key components of such a strategy include the B2B customer segments to target, the organizational structure to put in place, the technical strategy and the product and sales approach.

Key Findings
-Economic growth in AME will fuel an increase in the number of businesses in the private sector and continue to foster the emergence of regional and local giants, driving up demand for business ICT services.

-We project enterprise ICT service revenue to account for more than 40% and 25% of total ICT service revenue in MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa, respectively, by 2020.

-To craft a successful enterprise ICT strategy, telcos can start by assessing the magnitude of the enterprise market they operate in, including the growth of B2B customer and service segments. This is key to defining target enterprise customer segments and the enterprise services that can be offered.

-Successful enterprise strategies also encompass a dedicated B2B unit and an alignment of the organizational and operational structure to key B2B customer segments.

-Go-to-market strategies including products, pricing, promotion and distribution need to be tailored to the exact characteristics of the targeted enterprise customer segments.

-Several operators are addressing competition coming from other value-chain players by partnering with them and creating an ecosystem where the telco becomes a business ICT service broker and a one-stop-shop for its local market.

Telco Strategies to Tap into the Enterprise Opportunity in Africa and the Middle East provides an overview of enterprise ICT services and covers the approach of telcos seeking to maximize the enterprise ICT opportunity in AME. It consists of

-Enterprise ICT overview and definitions.

-Assessment of the enterprise opportunity in AME including growth drivers, size of the overall opportunity and breakdown of enterprise ICT revenue by the B2B customer segment and the service segment in selected AME markets.

-Overview and discussion on the organizational structure to put in place and the technical strategy, product and sales approach telcos can harness through regional and global operators case studies. The case studies cover MTN South Africa, Orange Senegal, Etisalat UAE, Telefonica, Vodafone and ATandT.

- Key analysis and findings based on the study of enterprise ICT services in the region and globally as well as a set of recommendations.

-Gain an understanding of enterprise ICT services and its evolution in Africa and the Middle East, to succeed in the existing market.

-Align product portfolios, organizational structure and go-to-market strategy by analyzing the various enterprise ICT models being used by telecom operators.

-Quicken the decision-making process by understanding the factors associated in the provisioning of enterprise ICT services.

- Gain an understanding of the competitive landscape and successful strategies, to strengthen positioning in the market versus existing operators.

Exhibit 1: Enterprise services framework
Exhibit 2: Real GDP average growth rate in AME,US and Canada
Exhibit 3: Formal Enterprises in AME
Exhibit 4: Example of large regional and foreign companies in AME
Exhibit 5: The Consequences of Economic Growth On B2B ICT adoption
Exhibit 6: B2B ICT Service Revenue as a Percentage of total ICT Service Revenue (%): Select Markets
Exhibit 7: Enterprise ICT Service Revenue Split By Business Segment 2015-2020
Exhibit 8: Enterprise ICT Service Revenue Split By Service Segment 2015-2020
Exhibit 9: MTN Business operational structure
Exhibit 10: MTN Technical and product strategy
Exhibit 11: MTN business M2M marketing
Exhibit 12: MTN Business dedicated SME Portal
Exhibit 13: Orange Local B2B units operational structure
Exhibit 14: Orange Senegal Technical and product strategy
Exhibit 15: Orange Senegal's Packs Tout EN Main
Exhibit 16: Orange Senegal's 'LE Quarter Despros'
Exhibit 17: Etisalat UAE B2B Operational structure
Exhibit 18: Etisalat technical and product strategy
Exhibit 19: Etisalat UAE eLeasing offers
Exhibit 20: Etisalat UAE Business centers
Exhibit 21: Telefonica Business solutions operational approach
Exhibit 22: Vodafone global enterprise(VGE) Organizational structure
Exhibit 23: ATandT IOT/M2M Open Technological approach

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