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OTT Video in Africa and the Middle East: Improving Telecom Infrastructure and Rising 4G Penetration to Support OTT Growth

OTT Video in Africa and the Middle East: Improving Telecom Infrastructure and Rising 4G Penetration to Support OTT Growth

Market Study
Published: December 2015
Pages: 44
Research from: Pyramid Research
Sector: Mobile

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OTT video markets in Africa and the Middle East have significant differences largely due to demographics, economic factors and the telecom landscape across countries. Markets with high adoption rates of pay-TV, fixed broadband and mobile broadband see the most robust and innovative OTT ecosystems, such as UAE and Israel. With the increasing popularity of OTT services an increasing number of mobile operators, pay-TV providers, broadcasters and media companies are expanding into the OTT arena either by partnering with OTT players or by launching their own OTT services. Examples of OTT services introduced by mobile operators include eLife ON by Etisalat, which is based in UAE, and mView by Saudi telco Mobily, while broadcaster beIN Sports has its own OTT service called beIN Sports Connect. Pay-TV operator OSN has launched GO across MENA while Times Media Group has an OTT service called VIDI in South Africa. Markets with low pay-TV penetration, low broadband penetration or low smartphone penetration see lower levels of OTT adoption and simpler services. Mobile is increasingly becoming an important medium to deliver OTT service in the region, driven by low bank account penetration and rising mobile data usage.

Key Findings
-Adoption patterns in the OTT video markets in GCC, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa vary largely, influenced by factors such as differences in broadband, pay-TV and 4G adoption rates.

-Telecom operators, broadcasters, media companies and pay-TV operators in the AME region are actively looking to exploit the untapped potential of OTT services and launch new standalone services or services to complement their existing portfolios.

-Hybrid models with a combination of SVoD, AVoD, TVoD and linear content have been more successful in the region. Live coverage of events such as sports has been a key driver for many OTT services.

-The absence of international OTT players in the region has created opportunities for regional providers to take advantage of the increasing popularity of OTT services.

-Owing to rising penetration of affordable mobile data services, mobile will be a key channel to expand the OTT user base. Increasing LTE penetration and the proliferation of low-cost smartphones will further support the growth of mobile-based OTT video services.

'OTT Video in Africa and the Middle East: Improving Telecom Infrastructure and Rising 4G Penetration to Support OTT Growth,' a Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, analyzes the market for over-the-top (OTT) video services in Africa and the Middle East. It provides an overview of current trends and a detailed look at select service providers and markets.

The report is organized as follows:

- The OTT video market: This section provides a general analysis of OTT services, including a taxonomy and a look at business models and content provision relevant to AME markets.

- OTT video in Africa and the Middle East: This section examines more specifically the region's markets, including pay-TV household penetration, common business models, pricing schemes and OTT service provider types. The section also provides results from the Pyramid Research OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index, comparing the main OTT markets on infrastructure, demand and socioeconomic factors, and profiles a number of OTT service providers.

- Case studies: This section comprises five case studies to identify best practices and to look more closely at some of the factors that drive markets.

- Key findings and recommendations: This section provides the report's findings on OTT video markets in Africa and the Middle East, along with Pyramid Research's recommendations for telecom operators, mobile operators, pure-play OTT players, broadcasters, pay-TV providers and media companies.

- Offers a comprehensive and detailed understanding of over-the-top video (OTT) services in the diverse markets of Africa and the Middle East.

- Taking a forward-looking approach, the report investigates pricing strategies, business models and the variety of OTT service providers, looking in particular at the various challenges and opportunities facing them, with examples from OTT providers throughout the region.

- To highlight the AME region's most attractive OTT markets, this report draws on Pyramid Research's OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index, which ranks markets globally based on infrastructure, demand and socioeconomic factors.

- Provides telcos with actionable analysis of trends, while the case studies of five OTT providers in Africa and the Middle East provide a resource for more detailed planning.

- The key findings and recommendations highlight crucial forward-looking trends in OTT, to allow OTT pure plays, pay-TV operators, broadcasters, telecom network operators and media companies to develop effective longer-term OTT strategies.

- Boasts of high presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately, for the executive-level audience.

Exhibit 1: OTT Video Business Models
Exhibit 2: Types of OTT provider
Exhibit 3: OTT Content provision for the connected consumer
Exhibit 4: OTT Video Challenges and opportunities, Africa and middle east
Exhibit 5: Pay-TV household penetration, select markets, 2015
Exhibit 6: Smartphone share of total handset sell-through in select AME markets, 2015
Exhibit 7: Sub-indexes of OTT market attractiveness index, 2015
Exhibit 8: OTT video market attractiveness index scores, 2015
Exhibit 9: OTT Readiness sub-index results, AME, 2015
Exhibit 10: OTT intensity sub-index results, AME, 2015
Exhibit 11: Local factors sub-index results, AME, 2015
Exhibit 12: Overall OTT attractiveness index results, AME, 2015
Exhibit 13: OTT service provider profiles by industry
Exhibit 14: Common OTT models
Exhibit 15: OTT pricing schemes
Exhibit 16: AME OTT market potential
Exhibit 17: Mobile subscriptions by technology, AME
Exhibit 18: Nigeria OTT index scores
Exhibit 19: Pay-TV and broadband adoption, Nigeria
Exhibit 20: IROKOTV subscription pricing
Exhibit 21: IROKOTV OTT checklist
Exhibit 22: African content on IROKOTV
Exhibit 23: UAE OTT index scores
Exhibit 24: Pay-TV accounts, Broadband penetration, UAE
Exhibit 25: Elife subscription pricing
Exhibit 26: Elife OTT Checklist
Exhibit 27: Smart Store in YAS mall in ABU DHABI
Exhibit 28: OSN go markets
Exhibit 29: OSN go OTT checklist
Exhibit 30: OSN go offers premium content
Exhibit 31: Bein Subscription pricing
Exhibit 32: Bein OTT checklist
Exhibit 33: Bein offers live broadcast of major leagues
Exhibit 34: ICFLIX subscription pricing
Exhibit 35: ICFLIX OTT checklist
Exhibit 36: ICFLIX tapping into the children's segment and offering free content

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