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Understanding and Capitalizing upon Gamification

Understanding and Capitalizing upon Gamification

Market Briefing
Published: February 2016
Pages: 18
Research from: Mind Commerce
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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The goal of Gamification is to maximum user brand/product engagement through facilitation of entertainment in which the user interacts with the brand in a fun/pleasurable manner. One of the keys to success is to assess user behavioral patterns as a precursor to deploying optimal game mechanics that that align user likes, dislikes, expectations and behaviors. Optimal design is based on research into extrinsic motivators, intrinsic values and facilitation of long term engagement.

Gamification technologies and solutions can make virtually any digital platform, device, or application more engaging for users, allowing gamers to explore their own desires towards game mastery and autonomy. From a business perspective, Gamification represents a promising strategy for public and commercial brands to increase customer activity, build loyalty, broaden reach and monetize assets.

Learn more about Gamification technologies, market drivers, and solutions.

Target Audience:

  • Brands, advertisers, portals, and media companies
  • Mobile commerce application and service providers
  • Social gaming, mobile gaming and social commerce developers
  • System integrators, consultants, and professional service providers
  • Gamification platform providers (equipment, software, and services)

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