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Privacy Business

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Market Study
Published: January 2016
Pages: 73
Research from: iDate
Sector: Information & Communications Technology

From: GBP 2308.00
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How will privacy issues affect Internet business models
Privacy protection and use of personal data are central issues in how the Internet is being used. In an economy where data is the 'new oil', personal data is a highly valuable resource.

This study summarizes the issues related to the concept of privacy and personal data protection. It addresses the question of putting a value on data. It describes recent regulatory developments in the field.
We analyse the technology behind digital trust platforms before presenting an overview of the solutions being used and considered for implementing services. Then we illustrate the latest trends for new services on the market.
A SWOT analysis for GAFA and other businesses is then provided before proposing three scenarios for the service approach businesses may take.

List of players examined / mentionned

• Amazon
• Apple
• CozyCloud
• CTRLio
• Dashlane
• Dropbox
• EasilyDo
• Equifax
• Exostar
• Experian
• France Connect
• Garmin
• Gigya
• Google
• Humetrix
• inWebo
• Janrain
• La Poste
• LastPass
• LoginRadius
• Meeco
• Microsoft
• Mydex
• MyPermissions
• Mywave
• Only-Once
• PatientsLikeMe
• Personal
• Respect Network
• SAFE-BioPharma
• Securekey Technologies
• UnboundID
• Voluntis
Slideshow contents

• Drivers of change
• New rules regarding user relationships
• How the legal landscape evolves is crucial
• Underlying technologies
• The value proposition and applications
• Helping users protect and manage their personal data
• Helping users manage their daily lives
• Helping users to act, be better informed, plan and make the right decisions
• Strategic issues for GAFA (SWOT)
• Strategic issues for businesses (SWOT)
• Opportunities
• Trust doesn't grow on trees: it is a process

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