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LTE vs. Fibre

LTE vs. Fibre

Market Study
Published: December 2015
Pages: 48
Research from: iDate
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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Fixed-mobile convergence in the SFB era
In both fixed and mobile access markets, the trend is one of increasing speeds, and especially the transition to superfast access (>30 Mbps).
Fixed and mobile NGA network rollouts will go hand in hand in advanced markets, even if the first observations and forecasts give superfast mobile rollouts an edge in terms of pace.
But wireline networks will not disappear anytime soon, as they are vital for mobile backhauling, and fronthauling for future 5G systems.

This report examines what the future is likely to hold for fixed and mobile networks, and system convergence opportunities available to operators.

Slideshow contents

Current status and future development of fixed and mobile network
• Remarkable rate of adoption for LTE superfast mobile
• Swift and massive LTE rollouts, vs. steady progress for FTTH/B
• Wireline and wireless (downstream) speeds theoretically faster than for mobile network

Factors driving fixed-mobile convergence
• Product convergence: cross-selling
• Convergence of technical infrastructures
• Convergence of technologies: cohabitation, cooperation and integration of cellular and non-cellular networks
• Capitalistic convergence and fixed-mobile substitution
• Different players' strategies
Companies referenced in the report

Mobile operators
• AT&T
• China Unicom
• Deutsche Telekom
• EE
• Netcom
• Ois
• Orange
• SFR-Numericable
• Sprint
• Telefónica
• TeliaSonera
• Telkom SA
• T-Mobile USA
• Verizon
• Vodafone

Cable companies
• Cablevision
• Liberty Global
• Numericable
• Virgin Media

Internet companies
• Apple
• Facebook
• Google

Equipment suppliers
• Alcatel-Lucent
• Cisco
• Ericsson
• Nokia

• Dish

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