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Europe, Middle East and Africa Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker

Europe, Middle East and Africa Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker

Market Briefing
Published: December 2015
Pages: 8 slides
Research from: IDC Research
Sector: Mobile

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Technology Coverage
This tracker provides total market size and vendor share for the following technology areas. Measurement for this tracker is in units, average selling price, and market value.

Core Coverage
•By air interface, network, platform, operating system, and form factor
•By display type, screen size, processor cores, processor vendor, camera type, technology (GPS, video and music players, WiFi Java, Bluetooth, etc.), hard drive, memory cards, etc.
•By input mechanism: touchscreen, QWERTY, compressed QWERTY, alphanumeric, etc.

•Feature phones, smartphones
•Price bands
•Market volumes and value
•Vendor share by country, technologies, and subtechnologies
•By user segment (consumer/commercial) and channels
•Installed base by device type and country

Geographic Scope
•Western Europe (16 countries): Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K.
•Central and Eastern Europe (11 countries): Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Rest of Central and Eastern Europe
•Middle East (10 countries): Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Rest of Middle East
•Africa (six countries): Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Rest of Africa

Forecast Coverage
For many of the countries listed the tracker includes nine years of historical data. Forecasts for this tracker are updated quarterly and include nine years of historical data, two years of quarterly forecasts, and an additional three years of annual market projections. Forecasts are available at the regional and country levels. Examples of the forecasts included in this tracker are as follows:

Core Forecast Coverage
•Quarterly market sizing and forecasts by country by device type, air interface, operating system, and air interface by operating system
•Forecast by average selling price (ASP) and price bands
•Forecast by segment (commercial and consumer)
•Forecast by screen size
•Installed base

This tracker is delivered on a quarterly basis with tools such as pivot tables, web-based query, and PowerPoint presentations. For a complete delivery schedule please contact a sales representative.
•Preliminary top 10
•Final data
•Forecast data
•Qualitative analysis

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