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Telco services for enterprise market

Telco services for enterprise market

Market Study
Published: December 2015
Pages: 47
Research from: iDate
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

From: GBP 2308.00
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Fixed and mobile superfast access solutions for SoHo/SME
The massive and widespread use of the Internet has resulted in people's current need to be connected everywhere, in real time and with an optimal quality of service.
This need for access anywhere, anytime and on all devices is something that applies to everyone: from a large company's employees to its CEO to someone running a small business... and has made both fixed and mobile superfast broadband a key ingredient in the digital strategies and budgets of small offices/home offices (SoHo) and small and medium enterprises (SME).
How has the market responded to the growing appetite amongst small and medium businesses for very high-speed solutions?

This benchmark answers this question through a comparative analysis of nine major European operators' product lines.
The aim is to provide the most comprehensive view possible of solutions available to SoHos and SMEs, to pinpoint the areas where the different operators' product lines converge or diverge, and to identify potential avenues for the development of the product lines aimed at this clientele in the short term.

Scope - Countries and players

 • Bouygues Telecom
 • Orange
 • SFR

 • Deutsche Telekom
 • Vodafone

 • Telecom Italia
 • Vodafone Italia

United Kingdom
 • BT
 • Virgin Media

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