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Connected Cars

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Market Study
Published: November 2015
Pages: 64
Research from: iDate
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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Market trends, players & outlook
This report describes the connected car ecosystem, in terms of applications, implementation techniques and also related business models.
It analyses the connected car strategies of manufacturers, mobile carriers and application providers.
It also provides insights regarding self-driving vehicles in terms of the six levels of autonomy and automation, from zero through partial to full, of the state of deployment by manufacturers and of the involvement of other players.
It describes the main drivers and barriers for connected car market take-off. It also provides forecasts in volume and in value for mobile carrier opportunities.

List of players studied

Car players
 • Audi
 • BMW
 • Chevrolet
 • Fiat USA
 • Ford
 • General Motors (GM)
 • Honda
 • Hyundai
 • Hyundai USA
 • Kia Motors USA
 • Mercedes
 • Nissan
 • Opel
 • PSA (Peugeot-Citroen)
 • Renault
 • Tesla
 • Toyota
 • Volkswagen

Telco players
 • AT&T
 • Bouygues Telecom
 • Orange
 • T-Mobile
 • Telecom Italia
 • Telefónica
 • Telenor
 • Verizon Wireless
 • Vodafone

Internet players
 • Apple
 • Google
 • Microsoft
 • Samsung
Slideshow contents
• Scope and applications
• Car manufacturers: current deployment
• Car manufacturers' strategy
• Telcos' strategy
• Application/platform players
• Market drivers
• Market barriers
• Market estimates
• Next steps - Self-driving cars: the next hype ?
• Next steps - Intelligent Transport System

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