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Global Mobile Value Added Services 2015- Mutual Synergies to drive Revenue Growth

Image for Global Mobile Value Added Services 2015-  Mutual Synergies to drive Revenue Growth

Management Report
Published: November 2015
Pages: 154
Research from: WiseStrokes
Sector: Mobile

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'Global Mobile Value Added Services 2015-  Mutual Synergies to drive Revenue Growth'- report provides an overview of the popular MVAS services being offered by the telcos, the factors/VAS offerings which is driving the adoption of VAS services. The report also includes a brief overview of popular MVAS drivers like smartphones, apps and social networking sites and other innovative services- in addition to the  adoption trends globally and across regions (wherever applicable). It also highlights the pricing strategies being adopted for the delivery of the MVAS services and discusses about the evolution of MVAS services. The report provides a basic background of some of the popular MVAS services offered by the telcos, the understanding and feature offerings of which can provide a blue-print for the launch of successful MVAS services in 2016.

Key Features:
An overview of the MVAS offerings, MVAS value chain and various MVAS services categories.
Offers a profile snapshot of the leading 20 global social networking sites like their global traffic rank, no of sites linking to them, page view per user etc
Includes a summarized version of more than 20 innovative MVAS services being offered by telcos.
Highlights the various drivers involved in the increased adoption of MVAS services in different sections like Social Networking, Mobile Applications, Mobile Gaming,  Mobile Video, Smartphones, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Information, Mobile Finance, Mobile Education, Mobile Health
The details (forecast) related to adoption of key drivers like app revenues, app downloads etc upto 2017 has also been provided in the report.
Additionally the Smartphone section further highlights the adoption trends of leading handset vendors and mobile OS over the last 20 month on a global and regional basis.
The trends are also included for more than 15 countries including UAE, Turkey, Nigeria, Qatar, Ghana, Kenya, Brazil, Bahrain, Indonesia, Oman, Singapore, Saudi Arabia

Executive Summary
The telcos globally are increasingly inclined towards the VAS services being offered by them in order to differentiate
themselves and strengthen their competitive positioning as compared to other telcos, as the competition in the
mobile segment continues to increase.
• The traditional MVAS services like CRBT, P2P/P2A SMS services is being overshadowed by the new age VAS services
like mobile video, m-health, m-money etc, which has further help the telcos to enable them regain the loss the
mobile voice revenues incurred owing to increased competition.
• Increasing numbers of telcos globally are now partnering with device vendors and content providers to foster the VAS
adoption amongst users through innovative pricing and delivery strategies. In the recent times, MVAS has been
increased traction owing to increased penetration of the data services and smartphones. Hence, an large number of
VAS services being introduced by the telcos are dependent on – mobile data connectivity and smart devices which
can support their functioning.
• This report 'Telcos and MVAS Mutual Synergies to drive Revenue Growth' consists of 5 major sections namely
— Overview of Global Mobile Telephony Market- Highlights the trends in the emergence of mobile telephony globally
and on a regional basis, and also includes the comparison of adoption of various technologies.
— Introduction to MVAS- It provides a snapshot of the MVAS value chain and the various categories of MVAS services.
— Drivers of MVAS: This section includes the various factors which are driving the MVAS services. It also includes the
adoption trends of leading handset vendors and mobile OS on a global, regional and country level basis (trends of
more than 15countries included).
— Social Networking Sites-Profile Snapshots: Includes short profiles of leading 20 social networking sites.
— MVAS Offering by Telcos: Highlights the details of more than 22 MVAS offering by leading telcos globally.

Some of the companies mentioned in the report 
Facebook   Classmates   Ooredoo Tunisia
Twitter   Flickr  Telia Sweden
Linkedin   Tumblr   Dialog Axiata Sri Lanka
MySpace   VK   MTN South Africa
devianArt   Telenor   Pakistan Samsung
LiveJournal   Telesom   Somaliland LG
Tagged   Econet Wireless   Zimbawbe HTC
Cafemom   T-Mobile USA   Oppo
Ning   Smartone Hong Kong   ZTE
MeetUp   Mobifone Vietnam   Google
MyLife   Telcel Mexico   Alcatel
Badoo   du UAE   HP   Rogers Wireless   Canada Micromax

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