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World Consumer Electronics Market

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Market Study
Published: September 2015
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Research from: iDate
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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Consumer Electronics focuses on video devices and explores the main technological and industrial trends in the following market segments: � Television � Computers � Portable Media Devices � Digital Media Boxes � Set-Top-Boxes.
It also delivers key findings on our market sizing and forecasts for CE and connected CE, with a highlight on Ultra HD TV set sales (volume and value) and its prospective up to 2019.
The study includes a report and a detailed dataset.

arket segments

Digital media boxes
 � home video game consoles
 � Blu-ray player/recorders
 � digital media adapters, also known as multimedia gateways, which allow users to read audio and video content and images from other storage sources and display/play them on the TV screen. Digital media recorders are DMAs capable of recording programmes off the TV. They may come with a built-in hard drive, but the current trend tends to be DMRs without a hard drive.

 � desktop computers
 � laptop computers. This sub-segment includes netbooks and notebooks

 � The television segment includes LCD screens: LED, plasma and OLED. These sub-segments are not displayed separately in the database.

The set-top box segment includes four sub-segments:
 � cable STB
 � satellite STB
 � terrestrial TV STB

Portable media devices:
 � smartphones
 � handheld video game consoles
 � media tablets

Indicators by devices
 � consumer device sales (million units)
 � connectable device sales (million units)
 � installed base of connectable devices (million units), including an average replacement rate for each category of device
 � penetration rate for connected devices (% of households)
 � relationship between the percentage of homes equipped with a connectable device and the percentage equipped with these specific devices (%)

Geographical coverage

Due to a lack of reliable data, we have not provided information on the Africa-Middle East region, except for data on televisions. As a result, with the exception of those relating to televisions, global market figures do not include the Africa-Middle East region.

 � China
 � Japan
 � South Korea
 � Rest of Asia-Pacific

 � France
 � Germany
 � Italy
 � Spain
 � The UK
 � Poland
 � Russia
 � Rest of Europe

North America
 � USA
 � Canada

Latin America

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