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Single Market Initiatives

Single Market Initiatives

Market Briefing
Published: August 2015
Pages: 38
Research from: iDate
Sector: Broadband & Fixed

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Rebooting Europe's Communications Sector
Europe's telecoms sector was considered a success story for many years. Yet, despite more than 20 years of European telecoms policy and a common regulatory framework, the European market remains largely fragmented along national borders. The EC has launched several measures to address this phenomenon

The first chapter of this report looks into the evolution of the European market in recent years notably in terms of revenues and subscribers of electronic communications services and presents some key comparisons with other regions in the world.

In the following the report elaborates on the legacy regulation and the negotiations that led up to the finding of a compromise on the Telecom Single Market package by the European institutions.

The last chapter of the report presents the Digital Single Market, the Juncker Commission's digital flagship initiative and takes a closer look at two of its key elements; i.e. the discussion about digital platforms and the review of the common regulatory framework

Slideshow contents

State of play
 • Shrinking revenues despite sustained growth in demand
 • European telcos embracing investment challenge
 • Europe's peers faring noticeably better
 • Regulation seen by many as contributing significantly to difficult market environment

Telecom Single Market
 • From Connected Continent to Telecom Single Market

 • Roaming: from legacy regulation to TSM

Net neutrality
 • EU: Intramodal competition not shielding Europe from net neutrality debate
 • Limited support for strong, US-style net neutrality regulation
 • What has been agreed upon

Digital Single Market
 • A new flagship project
 • Platforms and framework review among the key agenda items

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