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Small cells and Wifi offloading

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Market Study
Published: August 2015
Pages: 86
Research from: iDate
Sector: Networks & Infrastructure

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Now mainstream for MNOs
As mobile data proliferates so too does the demand for capacity and coverage.
Many options exist to cope with data surge. Small cell deployment and Wifi offloading are the main ones.
Small cells give the opportunity to come closer to the user and to offer a better coverage, indoors or outdoors at low cost.
Despite remaining technological hurdles, Wifi is a heavily deployed and cost-effective solution promoted by MNOs themselves for offloading, and by alternative players willing to eat into MNO revenues.

This report presents the state-of-the art of the small cell and Wifi opportunities to close the gap and highlights strategies at play. It also gives the flavour of future scenarios.

List of players examined

 • Republic Wireless
 • Scratch Wireless

European MNOs
 • Bouygues Telecom
 • EE
 • KPN
 • T-Mobile
 • Telefónica
 • Vodafone

 • AT&T
 • Sprint
 • T-Mobile
 • US Cellular
 • Verizon Wireless

Asian MNOs
 • KT
 • LGU+
 • SingTel
 • SK Telecom

Pure Wifi players
 • Boingo

Infrastructure vendors
 • Alcatel-Lucent
 • Apple
 • Huawei
 • Qualcomm
 • Ruckus Wireless
 • Samsung

Street furniture suppliers
 • JCDecaux
 • Philips

Tower companies
 • American Tower
 • Arqiva
 • Crown Castle
 • TowerCast

 • Facebook Hello
 • GoogleFi
Slideshow contents

 • Mobile data traffic is still growing fast around the world

Options to support higher capacity in mobile networks
 • Towards hyper density and emergence of smart cities
 • Options to increase capacity and coverage (1/2)
 • Options to increase capacity and coverage (2/2): spectrum options
 • Small cells deployment (alongside with Wifi) is one of the two main options
 • Wifi deployment (alongside with small cells) is the second option

Player strategies
 • Selection of mobile players’ options
 • Strategies at play in the face-off between cellular and Wifi

The small cell market is at last close to take-off
 • Small cell take-off is likely backed by mobile data surge

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