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Social TV report

Social TV report

Management Report
Published: November 2014
Pages: 229
Research from: Futurescape
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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ith over a billion Facebook, Twitter and mobile messaging users discussing their TV viewing on second screens, Social TV is crucial for ratings success and advertising effectiveness.

Futurescape’s Social TV report is the most comprehensive and authoritative analysis of this complex and vibrant digital sector, consulted by media executives worldwide.

It provides a full strategic context and data to plan Social TV activity, set targets and evaluate results, for broadcasters, producers, advertisers and agencies.

About the Report
Futurescape’s Social TV report is designed to support your business objectives and gain competitive advantage
•A full strategic context for planning Social TV activity, setting targets and evaluating outcomes
•Social TV insights to help develop and deliver the content that engages viewers and maximises audiences
•Case studies of Social TV content and ad campaigns to inform your planning, forecasting and budgeting
The report provides key insights and data to:
•Position your company in the new Social TV market
•Develop effective Social TV strategies
•Produce second screen and Social TV formats
•Plan creative and engaging Social TV content
•Develop, launch and run a compelling Social TV service
•Apply new opportunities to incorporate social into TV ad campaigns
•Understand how Twitter and Facebook are partnering with the TV industry
Access the full context for the Social TV sector:
•The battle for Social TV dominance between Twitter, Facebook and their Social TV rivals
•Why Twitter is strongly positioned for Social TV, but is not yet the clear winner (with full SWOT analysis for Twitter and Facebook)
•Twitter’s and Facebook’s TV industry partnerships and their Social TV products that transform the television viewing experience
•Broadcasters, producers and pay-TV operators – executing Social TV strategies to drive audience tune-in and engagement to boost ratings
•Innovation in Social TV formats and integrating social with TV programming
•The dynamic relationship between TV sports and social media
•How advertisers are embracing new opportunities to incorporate social into TV ad campaigns

Report details: 229 pages of analysis, with 100 tables and figures for instant reference on key Social TV research and data, together with in-depth company profiles of Social TV specialists, such as Beamly, ConnecTV, Shazam and Viggle.

Who is this report for?
Television, advertising, telecoms, technology and social media professionals, to stay current with the fast-moving and complex Social TV market.

Investors and analysts following major media organisations and social networks, and technology news, strategy and market developments.

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