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The Consumer smartphone usage 2014: mobile data usage

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Management Report
Published: April 2015
Pages: 39
Research from: Analysys Mason
Sector: Mobile

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About this report
This report analyses the smartphone usage of consumers in France, Germany, the UK and the USA in 3Q and 4Q 2013. The analysis is based on data provided by Nielsen, using an app developed by Arbitron Mobile.
This event-level data allows us to produce an in-depth analysis of information including foreground app usage (‘face time’), data traffic (cellular and Wi-Fi), location (home, away and travelling), as well as voice and SMS usage.
This report presents the findings from our research that relates to the use of handset data services. Specifically, it presents information about:
changes in data usage on handsets and the apps that drive data consumption
the role that device capabilities such as screen size and LTE support play in affecting handset data usage
the changing role of Wi-Fi and the types of hotspot to which consumers connect their smartphone
the demographic trends associated with changes in usage.

Who needs to read this report:
Strategy, finance and marketing executives, and directors and managers within mobile operators, because the monetisation of mobile data requires an understanding of how consumers use it.
Vendors and executives in operators’ CTO offices who are responsible for network dimensioning, because this report provides data on where and why cellular and Wi-Fi traffic is generated.
Industry experts, because it provides real-world data about how consumers use their handsets, which is more reliable than self-reported primary research.

Key questions answered in this report:
What is driving mobile data usage and what role do apps and device specifications have to play in that?
How does LTE change mobile data usage and what is changing?
How is Wi-Fi used on handsets and is there evidence of cellular substitution?
How successful have operator and community Wi-Fi strategies been?

Executive summary
Changes in handset data use
Drivers of change: LTE and device capabilities
Drivers of change: the role of Wi-Fi
Demographic analysis of data use
Methodology and definitions
About the authors and Analysys Mason

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