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The Future of STBs

The Future of STBs

Market Study
Published: February 2015
Pages: 49
Research from: iDate
Sector: Media & Entertainment

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Challenges and prospects in an IP world
In recent years, television STBs have experienced many changes related to the ever-growing supply of digital TV services and the profound changes we are seeing in how video is consumed.
With the growth of IP and competitive OTT offerings, technological advances in both software and hardware, and the emergence of new competitors, the future role of STBs in homes is now under scrutiny.

IDATE reports on the TV STB market by analysing the current situation and significant developments in technology, consumption and regulation.
The report looks at existing business models, the impact of broadband's expansion and various market dynamics depending on the type of network used.
It also details the various disruptive factors affecting the future of STBs and offers various scenarios for their role in homes by 2025.

Slideshow Contents
• STB market still growing on a global scale
• Constantly expanding range of services available
• Increasing functionality and competition in the STB market
• Integration of an IP-based environment
• Security solutions & performance increases in signal processing
• Increasing adoption of ATAWADAC usages, especially by the younger generation
• Regulatory elements that could have a strong impact
• The Internet's impact on the STB market
• STBs, cost or profit centres?
• Disruption factors for the STB market in the next ten years
• Three (non-exclusive) scenarios for TV STBs by 2025

List of players examined

• Comcast X1 Entertainment Operating System
• Sky+HD
• Netgem, hybrid TV STBs
• Roku
• TeliaSonera / Samsung
• Samsung Integrated TV set
• UPC horizon TV
• Svelte, hybrid LTE STB

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